Dreams do come true

Dreams do come true

Guess what? I’m not going to talk about Guilianna & Bill today….it does make me cry every episode though!

Actually, I’m going to tell you about how today I went to go visit my Fertility Dr. and nurse. It was so surreal. They were my friends for a couple years, you know? For some reason I kept thinking they would forget who I was, but when I walked in today they knew exactly who I was. And they were even excited to see me! I brought the baby of course, and it was such a strange experience to be on the other side of infertility. I felt kind of sad in a way.

Anyhow, we talked about the study I was in. How successful it was. I thanked them for giving me the best Christmas present I could ever ask for. I can’t believe that from now on I will have the holidays with my child! It truly is a dream come true.

Speaking of dreams, I read this the yesterday and just about died (with happiness). You don’t understand…the fertile people would freak if this happened to them, but for me it would be just another dream come true. I’ve never actually gotten pregnant on my own. So, like I said…Matt and I would be thrilled if this happened to us. Maybe I should wish for that next time I’m at a wishing pond.

Anyhow, I told Gayle (the IVF coordinator and nurse from the research group) to call me when the next IVF study comes up. Is it crazy that Matt and I want to start treatments again this summer????

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