Two of my (current) favorite things and one final resolution to complete before 2011

Two of my (current) favorite things and one final resolution to complete before 2011

So, I think you all know I’ve been on a diet of lates. Ha. Ha.

I don’t know about you, but even if I’m dieting right and eating all the good foods, I’m still starving. I know it’s psychological, but that’s me. Tell me I can’t have something and I obsess over it until I get my way. I’m spoiled. Take last night for instance. I had a dream about pizza. So unfair…

Anywho, I’ve got a couple little tricks I keep in my back pocket for desperate times that I would like to share with you. One I’ve been very vocal about and the other is a new thing I’ve been doing.

#1: This one won’t come to a surprise for many of you, but my first trick is caffeine. I know, you’re laughing your head off right now (probly cause you thought I was kidding, but I waaassssnnn’tttt- not this time). Now, before you get all high and mighty on me, today I confirmed my suspicion of caffeine with a yahoo article about 7 metabolism speedy foods that said this:

Weight loss food: coffee

The caffeine in 1 cup of joe temporarily revs metabolism by up to 15 percent, torching an extra 15 to 25 calories on average, says Paul Arciero, Ph.D., associate professor of exercise science at Skidmore College. Researchers don’t know whether drinking more delivers a bigger boon (for those of us who drink plenty all day, there may be even more reasons to love our java!), but for the most benefit, order yours black; sugar and milk reverse the fat-scorching effects.

So take that, haters!! FYI- I really only have 2-3 servings of caffeine a day, so I’m not that nuts (my urologist knows and says it’s fine- pfffffft). Guess who’s asking Santa for a Kuerig this Christmas? (it’s me, it’s me!)

#2: Extra Dessert Delights Gum is my second trick. Yum! And the best part is their logo:

“Have your dessert and chew it, too!”

Me: “Why yes, I think will. Thank you.”

They’re clever, dontcha think?? Me thinks so, so I bought all of them and chew on them when I want something sweet. They’ve got key lime pie, strawberry shortcake, and mint chocolate chip (my fave).

Now, the problem here is that I think these are tried and true tricks that most anorexics use, so I know I’m not the most original dieter there is. The good news is that I actually do eat food and don’t try to survive off caffeine and gum. Let’s be honest though, if I could survive off these things I would. I tried being anorexic once, but I got hungry so it didn’t work out. (kidding!)

Don’t worry, though, folks. I won’t be blogging about my dieting woes forever. I mean a long time, but not forever. Well, at least until I feel normal again. Nope, because I have one last goal I’m supposed to achieve by the end of this year, and since the year is almost done I’ve got to get started here.

Ready for it???

I’m going to start writing my book! Yes, indeed! We’ll see how this goes- I only have about 3000 outlines of books I’ve been wanting to write for the last oh, 23 years or so, but I’ve never followed through with it. So, I need to do it now! I promised Matt and now I’ve told you all (to keep me accountable). A positive note here is that I already completed the first step and put Microsoft Office on my netbook. Now, I just need to get started….after I finish my thank you cards, finish sending out Jamie’s announcements, mail out my Christmas cards, do my Christmas shopping, clean my house, take care of my baby, hopefully take a shower,…….oi!

2 thoughts on “Two of my (current) favorite things and one final resolution to complete before 2011

  1. Rhiannon, as soon as I start it I will post little excerpts and things about it. Until then, I'll be vague cause it could change a million times in my head before I actually type it out! LOL!


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