MNO with the JLT

MNO with the JLT

Ok, that’s just me being silly there in the title, but what I meant was Mom’s Night Out with the Junior League of Tampa.

Well, that’s really an overstatement, cause I was the only mom in the group of girls I was with. But, I did go to a wine tasting courtesy of the Junior League.

Thank you JLT!

Actually, one of my favorite times in the Junior League year is the holiday’s and for this reason. Wine tastings, shopping nights at Nordstrom’s…’s truly wonderful. I’m so happy that even though I have a baby, and recently had kidney stones, and with Matt’s recovery and all, that I was able to have this night out with some girls to drink some wine on a chilly night. It was really fun!!

Which brings to me to this mommy business…

Isn’t it funny how people say things like, “It’s different when it’s your child”?

I’ve only been a mom for a couple of months, but I’ve determined this is correct.

Let’s take on the subject of snot for instance.

There’s this little boy in the preschool who is notorious for wiping his snotty (very constantly snotty. Like a snot spout) nose on my sleeve. Well, really anyone’s sleeve that is in near reach of his snotty nose. This not only makes me gag, but makes me want to dry heave a little. Usually I push him away and remind him to go get a tissue. I really hate snot.

But, guess what? Today, Jamie sneezed and snotted all over my jeans and a little bit on my t-shirt and not only did I think it was cute, but I wiped it away and then went on with my business of going to the wine tasting with the Junior League. Yes. With snot wiped off my pants (still on). I didn’t care.

And, then there’s poop.

There is this other little boy in the preschool who is “supposedly” potty trained and yet I had to change his poopy pants all the time. I typically try to pawn him off on one of the high schoolers to get cleaned up, but since most of them are sensitive with the gag reflex, it’s usually me doing it. Frankly, I found this quite irritating since the kids are supposed to be potty trained in order to go to our school, but I’d hold my breath and do it anyway and then relish (jump for joy!) the days he does actually use the potty. Now there’s the new mom me who actually looks for poop in my baby’s diaper and is then upset if I don’t see poop for a day. When I do see poop I sing a little song about my “Jamie poopy pants” all the way to the tub. Weird…

Oh! And how about puke??

Well, many of you know that I have a true phobia of vomit. I mean a real. terror. of. throw. up. I’m seriously terrified by doing it, hearing it, or seeing it. But, Jamie gagged when I put her pacifier in her mouth the other day and guess what I did? I called Matt over to take a look at how funny it was.

This mommy business is a funny thing!

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