Mommy-Butt Monday Week 5

Mommy-Butt Monday Week 5

Weight gain/loss: -3 lbs.
Fat Jean status: reluctantly positive…..well, they fit. But, not like they used to.
Skinny Jean status: Negative

SO. I lost weight this week, but I think only cause I didn’t eat for the two and half days I was dealing with kidney stones. Remember when I said I hoped for a 48 hour bug or something? Ah, well….looks like wishes do come true, I guess. I think this is where that saying, “Be careful what you wish for,” chimes in. Ooops!

I didn’t really work out at all cause I was still kind of sore from the whole stone thing, but I got back on the wagon today. Let’s hope I keep on my 2-3 lb weekly weight loss so I can make it to my goal by Christmas! I’m down about 11 pounds since I started this on Nov.1 Woo-hoo!

This time no 48 hour bugs, please….

I forgot to mention that I haven’t worn maternity clothes for two days now!!

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