We’re already lying to our baby…

We’re already lying to our baby…

Today, we took Jamie to the International Mall to see Santa. Except, the line was too long (Santa took an extra long time “feeding the reindeer.” Uh, I think we all know what that means. *cough* Alchi* cough* But, anyway, that’s what they really told us- he was “feeding reindeer” and the girl even giggled when she said it) so we nixed that little idea and went shopping instead. Terrible, isn’t it?! We’re going back on a weekday in the morning when no other people are there to get Jamie’s first picture with Santa.

Jamie was an absolute angel for the 5 hours we were at the mall. 5!! This is something I haven’t done for a while, but Matt and I had a good time browsing through the mall and even got some Christmas shopping done. I purchased my yearly ornaments there. I started a little tradition for our family that we have an ornament made for every year with our names on it. This year we have three names! I was so excited to do this! You have no idea how long I have waited to put three names on an ornament (or maybe you do, if you’ve read this blog for a while). I also got one made for Jamie’s First Christmas. I love them both!

The only time Jamie got fussy was while we were in Tiffany’s, but honestly I don’t blame her. I mean, why tease a girl by taking her into a store full of sparkly goodness and then not buy her anything??? I tortured my own self by trying on the matching necklace to my oval tag “Please Return to Tiffany” bracelet I have, but a girl can dream. Actually, we were in there for more than window shopping, though.

Want to hear a funny and embarrassing story about me? It has to do with the reason we were in Tiffany’s. I promise.

So, one day during the summer I was sitting on the couch watching one of those VH1 popup video shows where people call in and make comments. All of the sudden on the screen I see my sister-in-law’s name pop up with her phone number. I was like “Wow! Jenny’s calling in to VH1 right at this exact moment I’m watching tv. No WAY!” And then I realize, that it was the new caller id we had installed that shows up on the tv. YEP. So, I ran to the phone and got my Tiffany bracelet caught on the door handle and broke the clasp.

Anywho, that’s why we were there. I was finally getting my bracelet fixed.

Want to hear something else funny and embarrassing I’ve done recently. No? Well, tough shit! This is my blog and I’ll write what I want to….:-)

So, I had made plans with our friends Rhiannon and Dave (the other West’s) to come over for dinner. My mom is out of town, so I also called my dad over for a nice warm meal. I made TONS of food. The West’s were supposed to come over around 6:30, and at around 7:30 I’m thinking something must be wrong cause Rhiannon is never late for anything. Well, guess what? Somehow things got confused and I thought dinner was for Friday and they thought it was for Saturday. So, yeah. We had three people for dinner and I made dinner for 10! (I have a strange talent for making army loads of food.) The good news is that this dinner party prompted me to decorate my house for Christmas. So, my tree, wreath, precious moments manger scene, advent calendar, Christmas table centerpiece and various other little decorations are UP!

I’ll spare you more Christmas decs pics as I’m sure I’ve posted those the previous years on this blog. I haven’t bought any new decorations in a year or two.

Also, as you would guess, Matt and I are sitting warm and cozy with some tea tonight! Matt is having his tea with the Godiva chocolates he bought himself at the mall. He has quite the palate, doesn’t he? Me? I’m imagining what my tea would taste like with some Godiva chocolates, but since I’m down 10 pounds since Nov. 1, I prefer to stay strong and get into my skinny jeans one day in the near future.

By the way, we were at Teavana today sampling some teas. I haven’t been as diligent about my tea drinking since my kidney stone. I’m getting it tested and hoping they don’t ban me from tea (Tea made from black leaves has tannins which cause kidney stones in people like me). But, guess what? I learned the combo of tea I purchased a few weeks ago has no black tea leaves in it, so I’m back on the tea wagon! Also, Javier- the sweet boy who swindled me into $50 worth of tea saw me at the mall today and says, “Hey, didn’t I sell you tea recently.”

“Why, yes sweet swindling gay boy you did!” (smiles)

Ok, I didn’t say that. But, if I see him again I may ask him to be my gay husband. No joke. He’s that good!

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