Thoughts on Teaching

Thoughts on Teaching

I’m supposed to be putting up my Christmas decorations and tree up right now, but it’s too much. I can’t.

Instead I’m going to blog a little. Stare at the mess a little longer, and then do it.

Yesterday, I went in to school to turn in the monies we made from the car wash on Saturday. I got there the last 30 minutes of the last period class, so naturally I see some of my students and they eww and aww over the baby. They tell me they hate the sub and so on.

They REALLLLLLLLLLYYYYYY hate the sub. This does make me feel bad, but not bad enough to come back to school any sooner. Actually, they flat out told me they hate the sub and then asked me to come back sooner, and I actually responded with a “no.” Plain and simple.

I have these two students that I’ve had for a couple of years. One of them for two years and she’s a really good girl. The other I’ve had for 3 years, and she’s well, not bad, but not exactly innocent and sweet. They’ve been getting in a lot of trouble and are now failing my class. So, I say (in my teacher voice):

“Ladies, what’s going on? You’re both in level 4 now. You can’t afford to fail the last level of this course your senior year. It would be detrimental to your certificates to teach in a preschool and/or possibly your graduation.”

Response from the not so sweet one: “Mrs. Tow, we hate the sub! He’s mean. I refuse to listen to him.”

Me: “What’s wrong with him?”

Not so sweet one: “Well, nothing I guess. I just don’t like how he talks to us.”

Sweet student then sighs and says, “Mrs. Tow- He’s just not YOU!”


Ok, I didn’t laugh in real life, that was in my head, but, really that was a good one….

I *almost* smiled sweetly and gave them all the money in my billfold to repeat that all around school, but instead I used my teacher voice and said sternly,

“It doesn’t matter whether I’m here or not. You have a job to do in here. Please be respectful while I’m gone. I’d like to see you both finish my course with the “A” I know you can earn in here.”

Ha! I’m still laughing hysterically at this one cause both of these girls are notorious for giving us a hard time and not doing their work. So, all I had to do was go on leave for a few weeks and they would feel like that towards me??

Here’s actual conversations I’ve had with them in the past:

“Mrs. Tow, I like this guy and he says that he likes me and is dating me, but I looked on his Facebook page and he says he’s in a relationship with another girl.”

Me: “Uh, no. He’s lying. He’s Facebook Official with the other girl. Dump him. Now go do what Mrs. Hanson told you to do.” (puke, I can’t believe I said “Facebook Official!”)

“Mrs. Tow, little Johnny won’t do his activity that I’m trying to teach them. What should I do? I’ve tried everything.”

Me: “He’s 4 and your 16. Make him do it.”

“Mrs. Tow, who’s that guy who picked up little Sally? Is that her dad? He’s cute!”

Me: “It’s her uncle and he is cute. Now get back to work. Didn’t Mrs. Hanson tell you to do something?”

“Mrs. Tow, you didn’t tell us we had a test on this! I didn’t study! I can’t even find my book.”

Me: “Um, not only did I tell you every single day for the entire semester that you had a test on this, but I also wrote it right here on the board in big bold print for you to see. And, you’ve taken this course for 3 semesters already, so you know we have a test on this. Don’t worry, though. It won’t affect your grade. You just won’t be able to work in a preschool if you don’t pass. No biggie. Oh, and your book is sitting right here on my desk where you left it 6 weeks ago.”

Ok, so these aren’t the exact words in my conversations with them. I’m a little nicer although still sarcastic with them. But you get my point. Sounds annoying, doesn’t it?

Except I kind of miss it.

Yep. I miss those pesky little teenage conversations I have.

And, therein lies why I love teaching high school.

I’m sure going to miss my little munchkin when I get back to work, but I feel pretty blessed that I have a job I love to go back to.

Darn you, teenagers……”He’s just not you!”…..Got me! AH! (tugs on heart strings)

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