Jamie is 2 months old!!!

Jamie is 2 months old!!!

Jamie turned 2 months old on Black Friday! As you can see, she has grown SO much! Yesterday, we went to see Dr. Pantages and here are her latest stats:

Height: 24.25 in. (97%)

Weight: 13 lbs. 13 oz. (97%)

Head: 15.5 in. (89%)

Um, can you believe our “Tiny” Tow is almost 14 lbs?? I can’t…I had to put her newborn and 0-3 month clothes away to get her bigger clothes out and I wanted to cry. Especially when I had to put away my favorite of her little footie nighties that has bunny’s on it. SO CUTE! But guess what?? Turns out someone gave me the exact same outfit in the 6 month size, too! I’ve never been so excited for baby clothes!

Jamie has learned many things in the last month of her life. At around 5 weeks she started smiling like crazy. Especially when you put her on her changing table. She likes getting naked. Actually, she loves it. Should I be scared, yet?? At 6 weeks, she started sitting in her Bumbo seat. She won’t sit in it for too long, but sometimes when she gets a little fussy, I put her in it and she calms down. She likes to look around and see what’s going on. In fact, one of her favorite little games to play is to sit upright in your lap holding onto to your hands. Then, she’ll lean over and chew on your fingers while grunting and scrunching her nose. It’s pretty adorable.

One of the neatest of her accomplishments is that around 6 1/2 weeks she started talking! Well, not real words, but you know what I mean. She is quite “talkative,” too. She’s very expressive when she gets mad, and I could swear she’s yelling at me, which unfortunately for her makes me snicker, cause, well, it’s funny when she yells gibberish at me!

The best thing that’s happened recently, though, is that she giggles! I heard it for the first time on Black Friday, believe it or not…..

True story: I took Jamie for her professional 2 month/Thanksgiving pics at JC Penney. As I left, I saw that right in front of the Photo Studio there were pillows on a Black Friday deal for only $3.88. I’d been needing pillows for our bedroom and so I got really excited. I stuck my hand in the stroller and I squealed something about the pillows being on sale and Jamie giggled! I think I just about cried right there on the spot. One, because she giggled and it was the most amazing sound I had ever heard. And two, because I think Jamie loves shopping, too! It was amazing!

Anyhow, Matt and I are absolutely thrilled with how healthy our baby is and how fast she’s growing. Her 3 month birthday is coming up around Christmas and I can’t wait to see what little gifts she gives us in the next month as she continues to grow. I wonder if she’ll learn hot to roll over by then?!

PS- I don’t want to jinx myself here, but since 7 weeks Jamie has started sleeping for 5-6 hour stretches. She’s even slept a few 8 hour stretches (knock on wood!).

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