Still recuperating and still thankful!

Still recuperating and still thankful!

I’ve been on a blogger hiatus cause it’s been a busy few days for me! We’ve had lots of family in town for the holiday. Did you have a wonderful Thanksgiving? We did!

For us it started on Wednesday when my sister and her husband, my uncle, his wife, their grand kids, my dad’s cousin, and more started coming into town! I also started my cooking on Wednesday cause the Baby Boss is in charge these days, and I wanted to make sure I timed things properly so I could make it to dinner on time! I was responsible for a side dish so in general “Suzanne style” I made two cornbread souffle’s, crab dip (as an appetizer), 2 1/2 dozen homemade pumpkin cookies, and homemade cranberry fudge.

pumpkin cookies with glaze drizzle

cranberry and pecan fudge

This year we are thankful for our little munchkin, Jamie! (obviously!) Because we are quite a culturally mixed family, we had prayers in 4 different languages: English, Spanish, Farci, and Hillbilly! The reason is this….my dad is from Georgia, my mom is Venezuelan, my husband is Midwestern, and my sister’s husband is Iranian. So, you see where this is going…..ironically every prayer ended with, “and Jamie!”

*side note: In case you are wondering, a hillbilly prayer goes something like this, “Pass the food. Amen.”

The best part of the day was dressing Jamie up in another dress. My life’s mission these days is to get Jamie in every single outfit she received as a gift, or else!!

Here she is….2 months going on 80!

(We hit a milestone- Jamie wore tights and shoes for the first time!)

There were 20 of us at dinner, and we ate until we were stuffed. Especially Jamie!

(Um, yeah, that’s my left boob in that picture. Loverly, isn’t it??)

On Friday, my best friend Holly, who came into town for the holiday, came over to meet Jamie for the first time! Jamie loves her, just like me!

And just when you thought I couldn’t get any busier, I chaperoned a car wash all day today for the club I sponsor at school (Florida Future Educators of America). It was an interesting day, and I had maybe 3 hours of sleep last night, so yeah (nothing a venti soy sugar-free vanilla iced latte can’t fix)! And, I could tell you lots of other things that happened in a car wash with 6 teenage girls but I won’t bore you. I’ll jaust say this…two of my girls are exceptionally *cute* and wore their shortest shorty shorts today…..with tank tops! Yep. If we would have gotten a dollar for every honk I think we would have made more than the $150 we made. So, this is me signing off uncomfortably and thankful for all the pervy men who got their cars washed today. I swear one of the trucks was already washed when he got there, but he gave us a $20 to go towards our conference in January, so…… Hmmmm….I’ve showered since, but I’m still feeling dirty about that one.

PS- I know you are wondering, so I think you should know that although I’ve been too busy cooking and cleaning to partake, Matt has been faithfully drinking tea every night! The rum cake, unfortunately, met it’s demise on Thanksgiving day….all gone! (Thank, GOD! I’m not sure how much longer my will power was going to last with that one)

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