Party Time!

Party Time!

Today I ventured out of the mommy-safe zone and decided to torture myself have some fun by taking Jamie to a birthday party in Sarasota. So, I actually straightened my hair (haven’t done this in like two months) put on make-up and packed up my little munchkin for the trip.

Normally this trip would take 1 hour and 10 minutes BUT, since I am terrified of the Sunshine Skyway and can’t drive over it, I took the long way which is about an hour and half drive. I left the house promptly at 2:30 pm to make it to the party at 4. At 5 o’clock we finally made it! Appears my little angel doesn’t do trips over 10 min. Yah! I’ll leave it at that cause I think those of you who are mommy’s kind of know what happened in the car. I’d rather not speak about it. Jamie and I decided what happens in the car stays in the car, if you know what I mean…

All that said, we had a fabulous time. My friend Brooke always throws an amazing party and this one was no exception. Since it was her son’s 3rd birthday party there were lots of littleuns. I personally think Jamie was on the high end of the cutest kid list. There may have been one or two *tied* with her. Actually, there were several tied with her, but none cuter.


Several of the ladies were impressed I was put together enough to put on make-up. I actually was just relieved to have made it to Sarasota. I started to freak a few times and thought I may have to turn around and go home, but I made it!! AND, then I made it home later!! Look- no blood shed!

Brooke made the most adorable party favors. Check out the one she made just for Jamie!

It was fun to be around all the little kiddies, but honestly I was more excited to put Jamie in a dress. Baby girl dresses are SO cute! Also, I showed HUGE self restraint and didn’t eat any of the cake or goodies at the party. I ate fruit. And the cake had cookies on it, too….and, I ate fruit…. YAY! Good for me. (sarcasm)

When we got home I changed Jamie into her comfy clothes:

Deceptively devilish face here. I just want to squeeze it!! Isn’t she the cutest baby you ever did see??

Right now we’re all relaxing. Matt and I are drinking our tea and eating rum cake again tonight. Well, Matt’s eating rum cake. I am again playing that fun little game called “self-discipline.” It’s really not that bad. It’s fun, actually! (cue fake smile).

(monotone voice) You can try it too one day. We can all try it together. It will be fun. I love this game.

And, for those of you who never need to be self disciplined, well screw you good for you! (cue fake smile, take two). <——Rhiannon, this is you I’m talking about.

PS- I’m excited for Monday’s weigh-in. I think it’s going to be good! (it better be, cause I missed cake with cookies on it) ๐Ÿ™‚

3 thoughts on “Party Time!

  1. Honestly, those two pics of Jamie are cuter than words! Love her dress and love her play clothes — and especially that look on her face in her play clothes! Adorableness!!


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