Be ware of Tea

Be ware of Tea

I went to Teavana today with my good friend Ellen and the girls. Well, actually we went to the mall and Teavana was one of our stops.

Now, I would like to preface by saying that I have purchased tea there before.

Back to my story…I got a little excited trying some of the samples they had there today. I tried one that curbed your appetite. I tried one that lowered blood sugar. I tried one that is an antioxidant to help clear up my skin….

It seemed like the perfect combination. In fact, so perfect that I wasn’t paying attention to numbers. So, I had them mix me up the perfect Suzanne brew.

Did you know that curb your appetite tea + lower your blood sugar tea + antioxidant tea = $50?

Now, I’m by far not cheap. In fact, I’ve had to work really hard to be a little more frugal because I’m kind of known for poor spending habits. But, even I felt a little sick to my stomach for spending that much money for tea. I’m not saying that good (actually great) tea isn’t worth $50, but well…it kind of isn’t. Jeans are worth $50. Shoes are worth $50. Purses are worth way more than $50. Tea is not worth $50.

Yah. So, looks like no Starbucks splurges for me for a little while. At least not until I’ve drank all my $50 tea.

I don’t know why Matt thinks this is so funny, by the way. Tonight I made him some of my special tea and although he does find it super delicious it was kind of funny that tonight for dessert we drank our $50 tea and had $25 rum cake we special ordered (cheaper than the tea and imported from Grand Cayman, ironically). Dessert suitable for yuppies (or dinks)!

Even funnier was our entertainment. Apparently my sister-in-law “butt-dialed” Matt and we got to hear her conversation with another family member for an entire 10 minutes before she realized it. That was actually the highlight of the night.

Well….that and when Matt oficially become a butt sniffer. For that, I bequeath him with this Butt Sniffing Award:

Look! Even Jamie thinks that’s funny!

***Side Note***
For the record, I want you all to know that I love this Tea and Teavana. I purchase tea there frequently. Teavana has by far the best quality tea of any other location I’ve been to. I just usually only spend $30 worth. If we weren’t on one income while I’m on maternity leave right now, I wouldn’t even bat an eyelash at today’s tea purchase!

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