Random Thoughts Post plus a Matt update

Random Thoughts Post plus a Matt update

We took Matt to the surgeon for his follow-up appointment and everything looks great!! Yay! We’re pretty excited, because things are only going to get better from here on out. This is the end to a long journey. We couldn’t be happier to move on with our new family of 3.

With that said, Matt’s doctor is all the way in Tampa about 1 hr from where we live. We decided that I would drop him off at the office and then take Jamie somewhere until his appointment ended. This office is CRAZY! It’s always jam packed and the appointments always run late. So, I took the baby to the mall to keep her occupied and away from the crowd.

A few things I would like to say about this mall and various other happenings (***Warning- I’m feeling a little judgmental and hateful for some reason today***):

1) The mall by USF is super G-H-E-T-T-O!! I actually got nervous in there cause first thing I did was go to the directory to find a Starbucks, and guess what?? They didn’t have one!! WHAT! Blasphemy!! The Countryside mall used to have two- NO JOKE!

-This mall also has a “5-7-9”. Um, I’m pretty sure I have perused the racks of a “5-7-9” back in the day….like 1993! I didn’t even know they still had them!

-This mall had a store devoted solely to bling. Like the thick gangster cz bling necklaces.

-This mall had a Barber shop in it. It was named “Barber Shop.”

-This mall also had a store named “Soul Train.”

-Did I mention this mall DID NOT have a Starbucks in it….

2) I hate jeggings. I hate the name “Jeggings” I hate the look of jeggings. I especially hate the look of jeggings on me. I will never wear jeggings. No offense if you wear these, but I hate them. I don’t, however, hate Pajama Jeans. I would like a pair of these. I don’t know why, but I feel like I really need these. I’m pretty sure I’m going to ask Santa for these…along with a long plush robe.

3) I also hate skinny jeans. But, only for now. I’m pretty sure I’ll like them again when the baby weight is gone. (fingers crossed)

4) I saw a man riding a motorcycle with a kid riding on the back. The boy was maybe 9-11 years old. He was wearing a helmet, but still….I think this is child abuse. (I really do!) Motorcycles are SO dangerous! When I did auto claims, all my motorcycle accidents included either a loss of limb or death. Those helmets are just brain catchers, people! They don’t save your life!

Ok, off my soap box. Feel better, phew! I don’t think shopping with my post- partum body was a good idea. I’m going to wait a little longer before I attempt that one again! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Post plus a Matt update

  1. That mall is super GHETTO. There used to be a nice german restaurant called Mr Dunderbaks there, it was a lot like the old Schnikel Fritz, but it moved out.There is a cheap clothing store on the west end of that mall. It's like Old Navy, but ridiculously cheap.What is a Jegging? … I agree with you on the skinny jean deal, they aren't right for anyone.And don't get me started on my addiction to Starbucks. seriously… i realized one day that peppermint mochas would be so much better if they were made with white chocolate, so I asked for one and it was everything I ever imagined.


  2. Paul,Jeans + Leggings = Jeggings = WRONG!! :-)I'll have to try the white chocolate peppermint mocha…sounds, yummy!Also, I miss Schnickle Fritz. I really do. I don't know why, but I walk by and see that Freaky Tiki store and I get angry….


  3. So glad Matt is feeling better and you guys are able to move on past this stressful time! That mall, is it University Mall, it is really scary!


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