Mommy-Butt Monday Week 2

Mommy-Butt Monday Week 2

Weight gain/loss: 0 **sigh**
Fat Jean status: Neutral (giant muffin top alert)
Skinny Jean status: Negative

This is a bummer. I don’t know what to say. I started off strong having lost 2 pounds during the week, but the weekend happened and I fell off the wagon. Let’s just say that it was my mom’s birthday and we celebrated it twice (wed and sat). This included two cakes plus a gigantic pasta dinner I made. Then, on Sunday my friend Stephanie came over and made us breakfast. That afternoon, my other friend Ellen came over and brought us more food. So, yeah…. excuses, excuses, I know. (Don’t I have amazing friends??)

As for working out, I did walk about 2 miles one day last week. I also had one day of grocery shopping where I had to hold Jamie while pushing the cart and grabbing my groceries at the same time. I count that as a work out, by the way. Not only did I sweat like the pig I am, but I was also sore the next day! That counts, right??!!

This week I plan on not only sticking to my diet, but I’m also going to get serious about the exercise. Obviously, I’m going to have to work to lose the rest of the baby weight. I think I hit my plateau of baby fluid loss. Also, I’m putting the P90X on hold until Matt is back to work (which I think is next week). It’s too awkward for me to try (aka: fail miserably) to do those videos in front of Matt. I’m going to have to do that in private…

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