Free Holiday Cards!!

Free Holiday Cards!!

For the past two years Matt and I have sent “funny” Holiday photo cards.

Case in point- here is last years photo which we signed from “Matt, Suzanne, and Bobo”:

This year I’m having a difficult time coming up with ideas for our card, and not much time left to consider this. Any ideas?

What I do know:

1) I am purchasing my 100 + cards from Shutterfly.
2) The picture (at the very least) must include Jamie. (She’s the cutest Tow in our house-sorry, Matt!)
3) I’m thinking of using either this or this or maybe this design. (what do you think?)

Some ideas I have:

1) Photoshop our heads onto bodies like this:2) Dress Jamie up real cute and add a cheesy saying like this one:

3) I could use a regular picture and add a funny saying to it like this:

So many decisions….

Speaking of photo cards- I still haven’t sent Jamie’s birth announcements, yet. I do have them, and they will be sent out very soon. Along with the additional 25 thank you cards I still need to send. So, if you haven’t gotten your thank you card, yet, just know I’m working on them. I’ve already sent almost 100 thank-you’s out, believe it or not!

PS- Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly, follow the arrow ——->

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