I see a resemblance

I see a resemblance

I don’t know if it’s because in every picture of my sister between the ages of birth to 7 she’s crying, but sometimes Jamie reminds me of her.

Especially here:

LOL! This picture cracks me up. I don’t know why I think it’s cute when my baby cries, but I do.

For the record, this does not mean I let me baby cry. Actually, I’m pretty much right on her once she starts to whimper, but every once in a while she gets me. Look! Here she is just seconds before the big wail!

I might have to dig up and scan a picture of my sister around this age and post on here for comparison….

One thought on “I see a resemblance

  1. I have always loved pictures o babies crying. It's so sad but also so funny. I know…it's a sickness. Not that I let my children cry either 😉


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