I hope the Pilot made it

I hope the Pilot made it

After Matt took a couple of his Percocet he started drifting off to sleep. He was in a lucid dream state, and he says to me:

“I just gave a pilot who got shot some water.”

Me: “Did he make it?”

Matt (sounding very concerned and with his eyes still closed): “I don’t know….I hope so….”

Even better, earlier today I had decided to call the pediatrician tomorrow because when I changed a pretty nasty diaper of Jamie’s, I thought it smelled almost fruity. I KNOW my baby isn’t eating fruit. But guess what? Just now when I went to change the diaper again, I realized that the wipes were tropical fruit scented. Ok, I got those as a baby shower gift (I am still using wipes and diapers I received as gifts) and I didn’t even know that baby wipes came scented like that!

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