P90X Day1- DONE! **UPDATE**

P90X Day1- DONE! **UPDATE**

It was hard! I did the arms & chest cd, and I’ll tell you that I didn’t even realize there were that many kinds of push ups. Actually, I’m upset that there are 100 variations of push ups. What gives? Is that really necessary??


Also, The P90X guy annoys the hell out of me. Note to self and any others out there just starting the program- choose the sound off option. If I hear that man say, “Bring it!” one more time I’m going to throw my dumbbell through the t.v. I’m not kidding, either. I’m kind of in a bad mood as it is today (Jamie Fussy Pants a.k.a. the Baby Boss decided to not sleep for most of the early hours and this afternoon for more than 10 minutes at a time) so he better not say any cheesy things today or we’re going to have to buy a new t.v.

Today is Polymetrics. I don’t even know what that is. I hope it’s not too hard cause I’m keeping alive today with caffeine and more caffeine. I can’t exert too much energy or I could have a heart attack from all this caffeine I’m drinking. Did I tell you that I took Jamie for a long 3 mile walk the other day, but that I was so tired I actually brought a coke zero with me for energy to walk. Sad, I know. BUT caffeine is a diuretic, so that could be helping me in some weight loss. On the flip side, I think caffeine also pulls major nutrients from your body (like calcium for your bones) so I could break a bone from walking if I don’t get a heart attack first….

Wow, SOMEBODY GET ME SOME SLEEP!! Can I buy it? Here is a real life conversation that happened in my head this morning when Jamie would.not.sleep even though her eyes were red and swollen from exhaustion:

“Go to sleep baby. Go to sleep! PLEASE! Pretty, pretty, puhlease. What if I put you here? No. Ok. How about here? Here? Crap! Ok, what if I give you the paci? No paci. I know! I’ll wake up your daddy and he can hold you. Actually, that’s a good idea! I wonder if he can hold you for about 2-3 hours so I can sleep for a little bit. I just need a little bit. No…he has to work. Well, I could pay him! Yes! I’ll pay him! He probably won’t go for that though since I’m not working and we share all the money, though. He kind of makes most all the money, too. So, yeah, that’s not going work. Oh! MY MOM! I’ll pay my mom or MY DAD! Yes! What time is it? Oh, I think they already went to work. Shoot! Ok, ok, ok, ok…who else can I pay to watch the baby so I can sleep? Maybe Mary next door…she has grand kids. No. I think her son sells drugs. That won’t work. There’s the weird guy with the scrappy dog, but he doesn’t put a leash on the dog. I don’ think I can trust him to watch the baby right. Oh! Lady with the two Chihuahua’s down the street! Her dogs are so cute and they love her! I bet baby’s would love her, too! But, I don’t really know her name so that’s probably not cool. I don’t think my mom or mother-in-law (or Matt) would be too happy with me if I did that. Yeah, doesn’t sound like a good mommy. Alright fine! Baby burrito and coffee it is. Dammit.”

In a last ditch effort to make the baby boss happy, I decided to give her a warm bath and try on one of her new outfits she got from Grandma Tow. I don’t know, taking a bath and trying on new clothes always makes me feel better.

Guess, I was wrong…

Or, maybe I was right!

10 minutes later and the Baby Boss gives up! Yessssss! Momma gets a nap! (after I do the dishes, fold the clothes in the dryer, make my bed I barely slept in, bake a cake, and vacuum and mop the floors).

2 thoughts on “P90X Day1- DONE! **UPDATE**

  1. Hey sweetie! Little Jamie is just so beautiful and looks so peaceful resting – hope that means you got a little time for you too! Lots of hugs xoxxo Trishy


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