Happy Halloween! I think I’m back…

Happy Halloween! I think I’m back…

I hope everyone had a creepy and spooky Halloween weekend!

I started the weekend with a little girls night to the movies with Rhiannon, Angelle, and LeShayne. Of course we see that movie “Life as We Know It” and it has a baby in it so I missed my own baby. And, I may or may not fought back tears like 4 times. Damn hormones! It was a good movie, though (if you like the romantic comedy type). Oh, and there was possibly adult beverages afterwards at the Ruby Tuesday’s next door.

On Saturday, I took Jamie on a girls shopping trip to run some errands and buy some decorations. I never did decorate for Halloween, but I put the Thanksgiving one’s up Saturday night, so I’m starting to feel back to normal around here. I can’t believe the year is almost over. At the beginning of the year it seemed to drag on (especially the first trimester). But, here I am with a 5 week old getting ready for the holiday’s.

Did I mention I bought my 5 week old daughter a boom box??? Yeah…it seems regular little old cd players aren’t the norm anymore. People have iPod’s that they hook up to docking stations. Except me. I don’t own a smart phone either. Although I do own an iPod, I don’t hook it up to a docking station. I use it only when I go jogging (which isn’t often- especially this year). I needed one for Jamie’s CD’s though. So, I went to Toy’s R Us looking for a kiddie one, and it turns out that all they had were kid boom boxes. So, yeah. Now there’s a big giant pink boom box in the nursery. It looks so weird! LOL!

Anyway, today I made pumpkin cupcakes with whipped cream icing and headed over to Rhiannon’s for some “trick or treating” with Ty and the little munchkin. Ok, we only hit up 4 houses and all I did was walk around and then chat it up with an old friend from high school, but still… I got out of the house and I made cupcakes! The old me is coming back. I even cleaned both bathrooms and did all my laundry with no one to help. I think I’m getting used to this mom thing.

On a final thought, I had an old teacher (my favorite!) from high school stop by to see the baby. She was so sweet and brought Jamie a whole bunch of books as a gift. It made me think about how lucky I am to have had such a wonderful teacher and role model. She was my Early Childhood Education teacher which is what I teach now. I LOVED her class and I LOVED her, and now I get to do exactly what she did before she retired. Actually, she helped me get my job. When she saw my resume come through the system she called Tarpon High and put in a good word for me. Do any of you have special teachers that are still in your lives?

Oh, and I’m starting P90X tomorrow. Wish me luck. I really really need it….In the war against the mommy butt, I will win. Mommy butt is going DOWN, bitch! 😉

One thought on “Happy Halloween! I think I’m back…

  1. I love to drive by the AMC because Spencer says "Look, it's the Movie Peter" and it makes me laugh hard every single time. Glad you are starting to feel like yourself again! We need to get together one last time before I go back to work. I have both kids for the next week and a half, but we could hang out here or at a playground or something! The only day I have plans is Wednesday.


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