Still recuperating and still thankful!

Still recuperating and still thankful!

I’ve been on a blogger hiatus cause it’s been a busy few days for me! We’ve had lots of family in town for the holiday. Did you have a wonderful Thanksgiving? We did!

For us it started on Wednesday when my sister and her husband, my uncle, his wife, their grand kids, my dad’s cousin, and more started coming into town! I also started my cooking on Wednesday cause the Baby Boss is in charge these days, and I wanted to make sure I timed things properly so I could make it to dinner on time! I was responsible for a side dish so in general “Suzanne style” I made two cornbread souffle’s, crab dip (as an appetizer), 2 1/2 dozen homemade pumpkin cookies, and homemade cranberry fudge.

pumpkin cookies with glaze drizzle

cranberry and pecan fudge

This year we are thankful for our little munchkin, Jamie! (obviously!) Because we are quite a culturally mixed family, we had prayers in 4 different languages: English, Spanish, Farci, and Hillbilly! The reason is this….my dad is from Georgia, my mom is Venezuelan, my husband is Midwestern, and my sister’s husband is Iranian. So, you see where this is going…..ironically every prayer ended with, “and Jamie!”

*side note: In case you are wondering, a hillbilly prayer goes something like this, “Pass the food. Amen.”

The best part of the day was dressing Jamie up in another dress. My life’s mission these days is to get Jamie in every single outfit she received as a gift, or else!!

Here she is….2 months going on 80!

(We hit a milestone- Jamie wore tights and shoes for the first time!)

There were 20 of us at dinner, and we ate until we were stuffed. Especially Jamie!

(Um, yeah, that’s my left boob in that picture. Loverly, isn’t it??)

On Friday, my best friend Holly, who came into town for the holiday, came over to meet Jamie for the first time! Jamie loves her, just like me!

And just when you thought I couldn’t get any busier, I chaperoned a car wash all day today for the club I sponsor at school (Florida Future Educators of America). It was an interesting day, and I had maybe 3 hours of sleep last night, so yeah (nothing a venti soy sugar-free vanilla iced latte can’t fix)! And, I could tell you lots of other things that happened in a car wash with 6 teenage girls but I won’t bore you. I’ll jaust say this…two of my girls are exceptionally *cute* and wore their shortest shorty shorts today…..with tank tops! Yep. If we would have gotten a dollar for every honk I think we would have made more than the $150 we made. So, this is me signing off uncomfortably and thankful for all the pervy men who got their cars washed today. I swear one of the trucks was already washed when he got there, but he gave us a $20 to go towards our conference in January, so…… Hmmmm….I’ve showered since, but I’m still feeling dirty about that one.

PS- I know you are wondering, so I think you should know that although I’ve been too busy cooking and cleaning to partake, Matt has been faithfully drinking tea every night! The rum cake, unfortunately, met it’s demise on Thanksgiving day….all gone! (Thank, GOD! I’m not sure how much longer my will power was going to last with that one)

Dr. Evil

Dr. Evil

Tonight Matt and I had tea and rum cake with Dr. Evil….

Ok. Fine. I didn’t eat rum cake. You know what? I don’t really need rum cake. I don’t even crave it or anything. I have no desire to eat it. (lies!)

Speaking of Dr. Evil, though, I’m back on P90X now that Matt is back to work. I started today with Kenpo, and know what? I kind of liked it. Well, “like” is relative but it was way better than the arms and chest one. For those of you who have interest in P90X, as some of you have asked me about it, here are a few tips:

1) I think I’ve said this before, but SILENCE the sound. I don’t know his name, but the Billy Blank of P90X is freaking annoying as hell. No. Really. His voice is like nails on a chalkboard. I want to throw things at the t.v. EVERY time he speaks.

2) It’s hard as balls. I mean really hard. This isn’t for the faint of heart.

3) For good measure you might just want to use your ipod while you do it just in case you accidentally hear a little bit of his voice.

4) Do this in private. If you’re like me, you’re going to look like a great big idiot while you do this. A great big pansy idiot!

5) Don’t look when the big huge words “BRING IT” pop up on the screen. If you’re like me then this will make you think, “Oh, it’s already been broughten.” And then you’ll be annoyed that an exercise video has you doing “Bring it On,” quotes in your head. This will remind you that you’ve seen all stupid sequels of this movie and you’ll again want to throw something at the t.v.

Ok, that’s it. Well, actually, no. I’m annoyed that during the break he makes you do jumping jacks and jack hammers and stuff. I thought a break was a break and that you take that time to eat a snack or sit down or something easy like that. Right? Isn’t that what a break is? It’s like the people mover at the airport. You get on it cause you think you’re going to be able to rest, stop, and let the people mover move you cause that’s what people movers do. They move people. But, no. People use it to go faster and walk on it which therefore forces you to walk, too. It’s a PEOPLE MOVER, people!!

PS- Just for shits and giggles I’m going to start all my evening posts with me and Matt having tea and rum cake. You know, until we finish drinking all the tea. Just a little experiment I’m doing.

PPS- I know I sometimes over-exaggerate some things on here for comedic effect, but I’m not actually kidding about the tea and rum cake. That’s real stuff. Real, unrated Matt and Suzanne life. Exciting, no?

Mommy-Butt Monday Week 3

Mommy-Butt Monday Week 3

Weight gain/loss: ——–5!
Fat Jean status: Neutral (Not suitable for public wear)
Skinny Jean status: Negative

Ok. I honestly don’t know why I lost 5 pounds this week! I swear I’m eating. I think 2 of these pounds must be from last week that got lost in the shuffle on Monday when I weighed in. Here’s what I did differently:

1) On the advice of my good friend/sweet sorority sister Sarah Beth, I joined SparkPeople.
2) I followed the SparkPeople calorie intake and fitness minutes.
3) That’s it. I did the bare minimum the program asks for.

So, yeah! 5 pounds lost this morning! I was hoping it was going to be good, because I could tell in my (maternity) jeans that things were feeling looser (even just out of the dryer!).

At this rate, I’ll definitely be meeting my mini goals on schedule! 🙂

As your poster child I’m here to tell you that following a sensible meal plan and exercising will help you lose weight. Go figure. No starving, crazy fasting, or special magic pill needed. <—-ask me if I'm still feeling like this in a couple of months.

PS- I’m still pissed about the whole cake with cookies thing. I miss you, yummy sweet goodness!

Party Time!

Party Time!

Today I ventured out of the mommy-safe zone and decided to torture myself have some fun by taking Jamie to a birthday party in Sarasota. So, I actually straightened my hair (haven’t done this in like two months) put on make-up and packed up my little munchkin for the trip.

Normally this trip would take 1 hour and 10 minutes BUT, since I am terrified of the Sunshine Skyway and can’t drive over it, I took the long way which is about an hour and half drive. I left the house promptly at 2:30 pm to make it to the party at 4. At 5 o’clock we finally made it! Appears my little angel doesn’t do trips over 10 min. Yah! I’ll leave it at that cause I think those of you who are mommy’s kind of know what happened in the car. I’d rather not speak about it. Jamie and I decided what happens in the car stays in the car, if you know what I mean…

All that said, we had a fabulous time. My friend Brooke always throws an amazing party and this one was no exception. Since it was her son’s 3rd birthday party there were lots of littleuns. I personally think Jamie was on the high end of the cutest kid list. There may have been one or two *tied* with her. Actually, there were several tied with her, but none cuter.


Several of the ladies were impressed I was put together enough to put on make-up. I actually was just relieved to have made it to Sarasota. I started to freak a few times and thought I may have to turn around and go home, but I made it!! AND, then I made it home later!! Look- no blood shed!

Brooke made the most adorable party favors. Check out the one she made just for Jamie!

It was fun to be around all the little kiddies, but honestly I was more excited to put Jamie in a dress. Baby girl dresses are SO cute! Also, I showed HUGE self restraint and didn’t eat any of the cake or goodies at the party. I ate fruit. And the cake had cookies on it, too….and, I ate fruit…. YAY! Good for me. (sarcasm)

When we got home I changed Jamie into her comfy clothes:

Deceptively devilish face here. I just want to squeeze it!! Isn’t she the cutest baby you ever did see??

Right now we’re all relaxing. Matt and I are drinking our tea and eating rum cake again tonight. Well, Matt’s eating rum cake. I am again playing that fun little game called “self-discipline.” It’s really not that bad. It’s fun, actually! (cue fake smile).

(monotone voice) You can try it too one day. We can all try it together. It will be fun. I love this game.

And, for those of you who never need to be self disciplined, well screw you good for you! (cue fake smile, take two). <——Rhiannon, this is you I’m talking about.

PS- I’m excited for Monday’s weigh-in. I think it’s going to be good! (it better be, cause I missed cake with cookies on it) 🙂

Be ware of Tea

Be ware of Tea

I went to Teavana today with my good friend Ellen and the girls. Well, actually we went to the mall and Teavana was one of our stops.

Now, I would like to preface by saying that I have purchased tea there before.

Back to my story…I got a little excited trying some of the samples they had there today. I tried one that curbed your appetite. I tried one that lowered blood sugar. I tried one that is an antioxidant to help clear up my skin….

It seemed like the perfect combination. In fact, so perfect that I wasn’t paying attention to numbers. So, I had them mix me up the perfect Suzanne brew.

Did you know that curb your appetite tea + lower your blood sugar tea + antioxidant tea = $50?

Now, I’m by far not cheap. In fact, I’ve had to work really hard to be a little more frugal because I’m kind of known for poor spending habits. But, even I felt a little sick to my stomach for spending that much money for tea. I’m not saying that good (actually great) tea isn’t worth $50, but well…it kind of isn’t. Jeans are worth $50. Shoes are worth $50. Purses are worth way more than $50. Tea is not worth $50.

Yah. So, looks like no Starbucks splurges for me for a little while. At least not until I’ve drank all my $50 tea.

I don’t know why Matt thinks this is so funny, by the way. Tonight I made him some of my special tea and although he does find it super delicious it was kind of funny that tonight for dessert we drank our $50 tea and had $25 rum cake we special ordered (cheaper than the tea and imported from Grand Cayman, ironically). Dessert suitable for yuppies (or dinks)!

Even funnier was our entertainment. Apparently my sister-in-law “butt-dialed” Matt and we got to hear her conversation with another family member for an entire 10 minutes before she realized it. That was actually the highlight of the night.

Well….that and when Matt oficially become a butt sniffer. For that, I bequeath him with this Butt Sniffing Award:

Look! Even Jamie thinks that’s funny!

***Side Note***
For the record, I want you all to know that I love this Tea and Teavana. I purchase tea there frequently. Teavana has by far the best quality tea of any other location I’ve been to. I just usually only spend $30 worth. If we weren’t on one income while I’m on maternity leave right now, I wouldn’t even bat an eyelash at today’s tea purchase!