Blast from the Past!

Blast from the Past!

I’m going to take yet another lovely moment to be passive aggressive on this blog. This always gets me into big trouble. Not the passive aggressiveness part per say (although, it’s not necessarily my best trait), it’s the part where I choose to use my bad habit on this blog because I underestimate who reads this. But, what the hey…I’m going to go ahead and do it anyway…

Ok. Here goes. I got a FaceBook message from an ex-boyfriend from 10 years ago! Ha! He was an old college boyfriend. A relationship that did not end well. Actually, it ended really badly, but I honestly hadn’t thought about this person in several years. We all have heartbreak, and then we move on. Right??

So it’s kind of funny that just yesterday afternoon one of my favorite sorority sisters calls me and is upset because she caught word that her ex-fiance ran into a friend of hers and basically said that she was the “one that got away,” and that she “broke his heart.” From her perspective she was the heartbroken one, so she was pretty confused and was kind of over-thinking things. And so she says to me, “What if he calls me??” And I say, “DON’T PICK UP!!” I tell her that if my ex (the so-called one that messaged me yesterday, but I didn’t know this yet at that time) called me I wouldn’t pick up. I have nothing to say. I’m not angry at him. I don’t hate him. But, I don’t want to be his friend, either. That chapter in my life book is closed (and pad-locked).

Imagine my surprise then, when after about 9 or so years of not thinking or hearing from this ex, I get home and find this FB message from him. How ironic? And, a little creepy…

“I just wanted to say congratulations. I’m glad to see you found happiness.”

Uh. Ok. Thanks.

But really…kind of pretentious, don’t you think? Is he insinuating that I lost my happiness and now it’s found? Does he think I couldn’t be happy without him? Um, did he actually think I would forever be heartbroken and not move on?? It just didn’t seem like a sincere message to me. I mean, we haven’t spoken in years. I just didn’t get the sense he was truly happy for me.

So, I thought of all kinds of mean and funny responses to him:

“Hey! Good to hear from you! Thanks, and I’m glad to see you “found” happiness as well…again…with your second wife.”

or, I could just take the high road and reply with a simple:


Um, no! Even better:

“Oh, hey! I’ve actually been so happy that I totally forgot about you! Can you send me your address? I would like to send you a thank you note for walking out of my life 10 years ago. Hope you are doing well, too!”

Or, I could go for the balls and respond:

“Thank you for the well-wishes. It was difficult, but I did “find” happiness after you. Good thing, too! I cyber stalked your FB profile after you messaged me and my baby is totally way cuter than yours.”

Alright, alright! I’m know going too far!! In all honesty his baby is cute and I would never bring kids into this. Besides, I do sincerely hope he is happy and I have no bad feelings towards him any longer. I’m going to go ahead and not respond to his message, though. It doesn’t seem necessary to me- I have no need to open that door at this point in my life.

Just in case, though….excuse me while I go block him from FB….LOL!

4 thoughts on “Blast from the Past!

  1. I am totally LOL right now because I'm pretty sure I know who it is and the idea that he's on his second wife…oh my…he scammed TWO women into marrying him?!?!?! ROFLOLOL


  2. I remember you having a boyfriend ten years ago, but I don't remember who it was. I think it's coming back to me now, and honestly, when I found you again I thought you would be married to him. Glad you're not. And dying to know which sorority sister you're talking about!!


  3. I feel like I know who you're talking about because I think a Halloween trip was taken there my freshman year, no? Yikes! I am not at ALL surprised he is on his second wife. And I totally think you're doing the right thing by not responding. Sometimes that says exactly what you want it to without using words, KWIM?


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