A rose by any other name…

A rose by any other name…

We have many nicknames for Jamie:

“Jamie Bunches”

Tootie Patootie

Poopie Patootie

“Jamie Poopy Pants”

and yesterday it was

“Jamie Cranky Pants”

No seriously. Jamie Cranky Pants doesn’t even begin to describe our little bundle yesterday. She was so freaking cranky that I can honestly say that for the first time in my mommy life (barely 4 weeks) I was frustrated. Not at being a mom, (I’m thrilled about that), I was frustrated that I couldn’t figure out what she wanted.

She would cry even though she was fed, bathed, fresh diapered, held, sang to, put in her swing, put in her bouncy seat, laid on her tummy time mat, and taken outside for a walk. She wouldn’t sleep for more than 20 minute stretches. She’d scream if I even tried to go take a pee. No matter what I did, it wasn’t enough. I didn’t know what else to do!!

So, I made up little songs about being “Jamie Cranky Pants,” and I’m pretty sure she didn’t appreciate it cause she pretty much gave me the “EFF YOU,” look all day- no exaggeration here. (It was only “eff you” though, and not the “F” word, cause she doesn’t know that word yet)

When my mom came over to give me a break so I could take a shower and finally pee she says, “Wow. Jamie looks pissed!”


Was it the Jamie Cranky Pants jokes I made all day?

Part of me wished that she could communicate with me so that I could give her whatever she wanted so she would stop with the crying. But, then I realized she probably would know the “F” word at that point and I’m not sure I’m ready for that, yet.

3 thoughts on “A rose by any other name…

  1. Oh friend. Not that you probably have time, but if you do please reference some posts on my blog from Feb and March 2009 entitled things like, "Rough Day" and "Begin the Witching Weeks." Holder did not have colic, but he had some very fussy days and cried inconsolibly (sp?) for a solid 20 minutes-1 hour each evening until about 8 weeks old. Gripe water (you can get it at the health food store) worked wonders. It's herbal. The good news is a) none of this means you're doing anything wrong b) it will end and c) it doesn't mean she is a fussy/crabby gal. She's just getting adjusted to the outside world. Holder went through it and he is a sweet, gentle, unfussy toddler and a joy to be around. Hang in there- you're doing great!


  2. I totally agree with the Gripe Water recommendation! My daughter had days like that and it worked miracles I swear. We got ours at Walgreens!


  3. I got the gripe water. How did you ladies administer it? Did you put it in a bottle or give it by syringe? And, how often??


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