Why I don’t sleep at night

Why I don’t sleep at night

It’s not what you think. Yes, I have a newborn that wakes me up a few times in the middle of the night. But, that’s not what I’m talking about in the above post title.

Actually, I do have a nasty cough that keeps me up these days thanks to allergies. But, I’m not talking about that, either.

I’m talking about OCD. If there were a video camera in the room, you would see me get up and check on the baby, about, oh, at least…. 50 times.

If there were a video camera in my mind it would look something like this:

Did I just hear my baby whimper? No… Yes! My baby whimpered. Is she ok? Oh! There it is again! Let me check…

The baby is so quiet. She must be sleeping. Or, she could be awake and just looking around. I should get her. She could be lonely. No. Never wake a sleeping baby. Wait..what if she stopped breathing? What if her jumper smothered her? I should check. But, I don’t want to wake her up. But, I need to make sure she didn’t turn her head and can’t breathe. Can I hear her breathing? No. Maybe. I don’t know! Let me check…

What was that noise? Did she just snort? Maybe it’s just gas. It was probably nothing. She’s not crying, but what if she can’t breathe? Let me check…

Ha! My baby just burped really loud in her sleep! How funny! I should go check and see how cute she is…

What time is it? My baby’s been sleeping for a while. I hope she’s ok. Let me check…

PS- all this happens in a 5 minute time period.

3 thoughts on “Why I don’t sleep at night

  1. Don't worry, that will wear off, eventually. Then you will only check on her every 10 minutes instead of every 5!By the way, we need to get together soon. Dave and Ty still haven't meet Jamie!


  2. I love you so much! Gosh I'm scared for when I have a kiddo. I'm probably going to make lists of things I need to check on a 5 minute basis.


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