Guiliana & Bill

Guiliana & Bill

Anyone watching the new season of Guiliana and Bill?? I wasn’t going to, but yesterday I was channel surfing when I saw that they were doing IVF.

It was so strange and surreal to see another couple go through the same things we did. I think I temporarily forgot about the struggle we went through to get our little munchkin. I’ve been floating on a baby high the last 3 weeks, I suppose. But, even so, I was reminded of our struggle and I felt sad about it. It was a very difficult time for us, and one I will never fully forget.

I also haven’t forgotten that it’s not over for us. Even though we are now a family of three, the infertility hasn’t gone away. Will we be able to give Jamie a sibling? I don’t know. I won’t lie and say that it’s easy for me to see my friends having multiple children so easily.

And so this brings me to a point. This blog isn’t going where I had planned for it to go. The pregnancy definitely slowed down many of my emotions regarding IF, but it didn’t halt them. So, neither should this blog come to a halt. I will be more diligent about posting on here. Especially, since I still feel the need to discuss this topic. I remember how much I needed to talk to someone who was going through the same thing that I was. I have this desire to be the same for someone else. I want to be someones hope because after all, I am a success story.

Sorry for the long blog pause.

One thought on “Guiliana & Bill

  1. I just watched it today. Though I am trying to prepare myself because she does have a miscarriage, I am not looking forward to that episode. Especially watching them now and they are so happy! It won’t be long now before Dave and I start our IVF journey.


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