I’m extra “voluptuous” these days…. I’ve been losing weight steadily but I still have a serious case of the “mommy butt” going on.

I’m ok with all that (for that now).

I mean I’m not even 3 weeks post partum, yet. The thing is that I feel REALLY ready to work out. Is it that bad to start working out before your 6 weeks post partum?? I don’t know if it’s the whole being stuck in my house thing, but I’m antsy to get started. Couldn’t I just do some weights and Yoga or something? I’m not talking marathon running or heavy cardio or anything like that. Someone throw me a bone here and tell me it’s ok. PuhLEASE!

Also, I tried the whole baby sling thing, today….

I, uh, am a little on the Type A side (first time mommy freaked out my baby will stop breathing in it), so poor Jamie’s head has to stick out for me to be ok with it, and so she looks like a little turtle with her head poking out of it. Yeah. Not for me, but she did fall asleep in it and I did have two free hands, so maybe I’ll try it again and see what happens.

Also, check out my snuggly baby:

(you didn’t think I would put a post without adding a picture of my little munchkin, did you??)

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