The Birth Story as Promised

The Birth Story as Promised

My original birth plan was to have a water birth. The room was supposed to be dim and calm. Nobody was supposed to say anything to me except to ask if I needed anything or to tell me I was doing great. It was going to be peaceful and beautiful and perfect.

But a plan is a plan. And we all know nothing goes as planned and neither did my baby’s birth.

I kissed the water birth goodbye when I started not feeling well on Tuesday the 21st and ended up in the hospital for having blood pressure of 150/92. To give you an idea of my normal BP, today I went for a two week follow-up and it was 100/60. That’s my typical BP- and just one week prior to that dreaded appt. my BP had been 104/64. My midwife was very concerned on the 21st. Especially since my weight jumped 6 pounds in one week and I hadn’t had much of a weight gain since June.

So, I went to the hospital on that day having been told just moments before that I could have an emergency c-section that night if my BP didn’t stabilize. Luckily, it did. And, the baby was monitored and she was fine. So, I was sent home and told to come back the afternoon of the 24th for more monitoring. Except, the morning of the 24th I started feeling woozy and head-achey again, so I went to the clinic at school to find my blood pressure had once again sky rocketed up and my pulse had gone a little hay wire. So, they sent me immediately to the hospital for more monitoring and stabilizing to be sent home yet again with orders to come back the next day. And I did. It was the 25th of September and after a few hours of monitoring, I was admitted to be induced.

Since I couldn’t have a water birth anymore, I decided to go on to plan B. Except I had no plan B so I decided to wing it. I hoped to continue a natural birth but I knew it was going to be difficult.

Ok, for the record I didn’t want to be induced in all the 38 weeks of pregnancy I endured before this point. When I got to week 39 and had been in the hospital twice already for the high BP, I changed my mind. See, by this time I was feeling like CRAP. I don’t mean the typical pregnancy crappy feelings like achey back and all that jazz. I mean, I literally felt the worst I had all pregnancy. I had a killer headache (I very rarely get headaches, like 3 a year), I felt light headed, I was nauseous and I was weak. Overall, I felt like something was very wrong. I was worried that if they didn’t get the baby out I would need an emergency c-section. I knew that it was now medically necessary for them to induce me and I was at peace with this. They diagnosed me with pre-eclampsia when my urine results came back with proteins and then admitted me around 5 pm.

My body had shown zero signs that I was getting ready for labor when I was admitted. I was barely 1 cm dilated and my cervix was still high and not soft at all. The plan was that they would give me cervadil at 6 pm to help soften my cervix. At 6 am they would give me another drug for the cervix and then 6 hours later they would give me pitocin to help bring on the contractions.

That night we had a peaceful night watching tv and chatting. The room was dim and it was just me and Matt. Everything was nice and calm, just as I had pictured. In the morning I would call my Doula.

By 6-7 am all hell broke loose. I woke up having a very strong contraction. So strong, it caused my water to break. After that the contractions came on strong and hard until the nurse checked on me at 7:30 am. I tell her that I’m pretty sure my water broke and she didn’t believe me! She said it was too soon, but checked me anyhow and agreed with me. She checked me to see if I was dilated anymore, but I wasn’t!!! I was still at 1. 😦

I continued to have very strong contractions until 8:30 am when I just couldn’t take it anymore. I went from 0 contractions to hard contractions in too short of a time. Had I been dilated at 6 or 7 I would have kept going, but since I was still at 1 and had 9 cm more to go, I went ahead and got the epidural at 4 cm.

At first I was bummed. I really wanted to have a natural birth, but I have to say in hindsight it was the best decision I made. My labor was hard and quick. There were some complications, and I was just too weak from the pre-eclampsia to go on without it.

By 4:22 pm I was ready to push.

I pushed, and I pushed, and I pushed. Her head went in and out and in and out and in and out until finally it stayed out. Actually it stayed out for a while, cause apparently my pubic bones are not very wide and therefore her head was stuck. Also, she came out “sunny side up” (face up), so her shoulders stuck, too. It sort of became a nightmare. Earlier, the OB had come in dressed in scrubs when it seemed like her head wouldn’t come out and they were prepared for an emergency c-section. Later, my midwife got the vacuum extractor out when her head was stuck there. But, in the end we didn’t need any of those things. The nurse pushed down on my pelvis while the midwife stuck her hand in and pushed the shoulders down to get her out. When Jamie finally made it into the world, I heard a pop. Also, I didn’t see this, but Jamie apparently came out blue from lack of oxygen for a little bit.

We were all terrified. Matt said he heard me crying and looked down to see that my tears were not tears of joy, but of terror. My mother and mother-in-law were terrified, my sister was shaking violently, and Matt was extremely anxious and concerned. The midwife was also concerned apparently, because Matt never got to cut the cord. She cut it herself- quickly. So quickly that she didn’t even clamp the cord. They rushed the baby over to the warmer and counted down until she cried. It seemed like FOREVER before she cried, but she finally did. I could hear them counting down….30 seconds, 45 seconds…It was terrifying. When it was all said and done, it looked like there was a massacre in the room. There was blood EVERYWHERE. Including on my sister’s clothing, on me, all over the floor, on furniture. Because the cord wasn’t clamped, it sprayed like a hose all over the place. There was a 7 ft trail of blood on the floor. I am not exaggerating in the least here. It was very bloody and very scary.

So, like I said, it was not the labor I imagined. But, my baby is healthy and I am healing very well. The pop was not the baby shoulders as I feared. It was my tailbone. It didn’t break, but it was pretty sore for several days. I also injured my right wrist from holding on to the side bars while I pushed. So, I’m currently wearing a wrist brace for that. My midwife suggested I see an orthopedist for it if it continues to cause pain in the next couple of months. I didn’t have an episiotomy, but I got several stitches (if you know what I mean).

Unfortunately, they grossly underestimated Jamie’s size and weight as she was a big baby weighing in at 8 lb. 7 oz and 21.5 in. The OB at my clinic recommended I have c-sections for my next babies. I will be at much higher risk for pre-eclampsia again since I had it this time. Plus, the chances of my next baby being bigger is pretty high.

Irregardless of the circumstances of Jamie’s birth, I am the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. I feel like my family and my heart is complete. I am so in love with my daughter. I feel so lucky to even be able to use the word “daughter” in my vocabulary. I wouldn’t wish any second of the pregnancy or labor away because we have been given the greatest gift of raising a little person who is part me and part Matt.

And, since everything comes full circle, my fertility clinic called me today. They were checking in since my due date had passed. They wanted an update and were excited to hear about Jamie. They begged me for pictures and congratulated us. They were genuinely thrilled for us, and I was genuinely thrilled to hear from them. Matt is definitely Jamie’s biological father, but Dr. Sanchez is the man who got us pregnant. We are forever grateful to him and everyone at the clinic who gave us this perfect daughter.

Baby and Mommy meet for the first time
First family picture
Daddy’s Little Girl
Jamie’s take-me-home outfit
Our Little Miracle

8 thoughts on “The Birth Story as Promised

  1. That totally sounds scary but I am SO glad everything turned out so wonderfully!! Jamie is precious and I can't wait to meet her in person.


  2. Parts of your birth story were very similar to mine with Derek. I was hospitalized two weeks prior to delivery with pre-eclampsia and an emergency c-section was preformed at 35.5 weeks because Derek's heartbeat was dropping. He wasn't breathing when he was delivered either. I'm happy to hear you and Jamie are well. Derek was a good size baby for a preemie he was 6 pounds 13 ounces and 19 inches long.You're risks are higher for pre-eclampsia but you may not develop it. I didn't with Jake. Enjoy your beautiful daughter!


  3. Wow-what an experience! Tears of joy came to my eyes when I saw the picture of you holding her-what a BLESSING! I'm so happy for you and Matt!


  4. WOW!!! Thanks for sharing such a deeply person experience. It does sound terrifying, but well worth it! You are amazing! XXOOJaime is so perfect!!


  5. Wow, I'm sorry things were so traumatic with her birth, but I can tell she is worth it. 🙂 She is amazing Suz!!! That said tr you hough, if you can vaginally deliver a sunny-side up baby, you will have no problem if you have another one! Those face-up babies are super hard to push out, and the fact that you got her out (even with some bruising on your part) means a second one would be a breeze. I'm so happy for you guys, no one deserves such a perfect little girl more than you two!!!!


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