Now I get it!

Now I get it!

Well, now I know why blogs become mommy blogs once a baby comes. Or, why people blog about poop and so on. Cause, uh, don’t get me wrong- I’m totally excited about my new life. I love being a mom. I love my baby and her chubby cheeks. I love being home with her and I would never give that up. BUT, it leaves me nothing much to blog about.

I’ve lost my bloggy mojo.

For instance:

The highlight of my day is calling Matt to tell him that Jamie burped twice like a drunk fat guy in a bar that just downed a beer bong.

Or, how the funniest thing that happened to me today was when Jamie woke up and I changed her diaper. She was still a little groggy and every time she stretched out her little froggy legs she tooted. Yah– I think that’s funny…

And then there’s the part where I had to manually stimulate my baby’s rectum with some Vaseline and a q-tip cause she hadn’t pooped in two days.

That’s all I got people! I haven’t left the house in two weeks or even showered since the last debacle. Which means my hair is still greasy with conditioner and I’ve got dried soap still on me. What??

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