I’m a mom???

I’m a mom???

So, today my mother-in-law emails me that I have a new title- “Mom.”

Funny, I really hadn’t thought about this fully, yet. Until today that is.

I realize I’m not pregnant anymore. I realized it when I ran over to Babies “R” Us for a minute and couldn’t park in the “Expectant Mother” spot anymore. (bummer!)

However, today I was alone with the baby for the entire day with no help and it really hit me. It hit me when I woke up from a nap I took with the baby this afternoon and the whole front of my shirt was wet from lactating. And again, when I was burping the baby and she spit up on me.

So, I put Jamie down to sleep in her swing and since she usually sleeps for 2-3 hours I thought this was my chance to take a shower, right??

Here I am in a hot shower trying to make the soreness (and breast milk, and spit up, and the exhaustion) go away. Veteran mom’s know what I mean. There are three distinct parts of my body that are sore….I’ll leave it at that. There are also parts of my body that are peeling that I thought would never peel. And, there were certain times in the shower that I actually said, “ow” out loud. And that must have woken up Little Jamie, because as soon as I put on my conditioner and lathered up my body with soap, I here my baby cry. Not a wimper. Crying. Angry, screaming crying which Jamie hasn’t really done in her short 9 days of life, so of course I wash off in .2 seconds, throw on my robe and run over to my baby, who has already self-soothed herself and stopped crying at this point.

So, I sat in my robe by the swing to make sure she was ok, and go back upstairs after about 45 minutes to get dressed when Matt calls about dinner. Me being the overachiever that I am decide that I can make dinner (even though Matt was going to pick some food up- I’m stupid, I know).

I decide to throw some spiced up chicken breasts in the oven, put on a pot of vermicelli, saute some onions for green beans, and make a little chicken gravy on the side. A meal that would normally take me about 20-30 min prep time. Easy, peasy….

Except, Jamie wakes up fussy from gas and all she wants is to be held. Dinner ended up taking me an hour and a half to make. The gravy came out super naaasssstttyyyy. And, when I finally gave up and sat on the couch with Jamie, I reach up to scratch my itchy neck and find that I still have soap on me. And, I’m pretty sure that I have conditioner in my hair still, cause it looks like crap and it feels like it, too.

I looked down at my snuggly little baby who was laying on my chest and seemed super happy for the first time in an hour and a half and realized that I am a mom. I made it to the mom team!

But, I refuse to wear mom jeans, just so we’re square on that….

Also, I know this sounds crazy, but I’ve already lost 30 pounds since giving birth. Too, bad I gained more that that, but still….that’s way better than I thought I could do without trying. I’m guessing the rest of the weight will take some work. Oh, and can one of you veteran mom’s tell me when my linea negra is going to go away?? It’s not so cool now that my belly is jiggly and without baby….

6 thoughts on “I’m a mom???

  1. I found fast weight loss to be one of the upsides to all the bad parts about breastfeeding. I was in normal clothes at five weeks with Holder and I am at pre-pregnancy weight already with Miller. The LN will unfortunately take longer- mine was about six full months before it was all gone. Lighter in about four though. The leaing will lessen in a few months- I never leaked after maybe six months. Spit up also miraculously goes away at six months. Can't wait for that- Miller has BAD spits, just like Holder did. The exhaustion- well, you get used to it. Depends on how your baby sleeps- Holder didn't sleep well for a long time, but he got there. No matter what, it won't last forever. Oh, and you are something else for trying to make dinner. I don't think I went there for two months with Holder. I am just now thinking about cooking this weekend, but that is with Dave home. Take it easy Momma- you deserve it!


  2. I had so many days like that when Brynna was little! It's so much more exhausting than you realize! But you are doing great! And the fact that you even attempted making dinner makes you AWESOME! ๐Ÿ™‚ (I don't think I made dinner the first month HA!) Congrats again Mom!! Oh and I think my linea negra disappeared after a few weeks or so.


  3. Mom Squad-YAY!So I had to google linea negra because not being a member of the mom squad, I have no idea what it was. This is what I found: Your linea negra will lighten within several months of your baby's birth, but for some women, it never completely disappears. I hope you are in the first category!


  4. That super cool dark line you're sporting? It took a few months AFTER I stopped breastfeeding to go away. And since I did that till Addison was 12 months…you can imagine ๐Ÿ™‚


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