Jamie’s First Halloween!

Jamie’s First Halloween!

We took our little Jamiekins to the high school I teach at to take her “trick or treating” (aka: showing her off to my co-workers) with the preschoolers.

It was really fun, and I know Jamie loved it (slept through it), too! When I walked in, the preschoolers came running over to me screaming “Mrs. Towel!” They gave me hugs and told me they missed me. It was so sweet. And then one of my sassy little ones says:

“Mrs. Towel, how long did it take to get the baby out of you?”

And another chimes in:

“That’s the baby that was inside you!!??”

Ah. 3 year olds. Gotta love them!

My high-schoolers, surprisingly, were just as excited to see me (for some reason). They all came over to see the baby and told me repeatedly that they missed me. They were begging me to come back. And, just when I started truly believing they did miss me I find out that the sub who is taking over while I’m on leave is a real “you know what.”

Well, maybe they do miss me, but I think they just hate him more….

Whatever. It made me feel good, so I’ll take what I can get.


You ask what Jamie was for Halloween?

Well, she was a…..

LADYBUG, of course!! (Courtesy of my sweet Sorority Sister, Sarah Beth!) Thanks, Sarah! She looks freaking adorable in the ladybug bunting outfit you sent her. It even looked adorable after she had a blow out inside of it and poop got all over it! LOL!

Ok, I gotta go. I just strong-armed a few fellow lady friends of mine into having a girl’s night. Momma needs a break (and a cocktail).

Random and Sometimes Funny Things Matt Finds on the Internet

Random and Sometimes Funny Things Matt Finds on the Internet

Speaking of baby’s…and Spanx….

(remember this skit from SNL??)


I think I gave birth to a Toddler *UPDATE*

I think I gave birth to a Toddler *UPDATE*

Here is my Little Lady at 1 month old!

And again

And again….

We’re back from the pediatrician and the consensus is that I have a BIG and very healthy BABY!! Everything looked perfect and she is right on target for growth.

Newborn Stats at Birth:
Weight: 8 lbs 7 oz
Length: 21.5 in
Head: 13 1/2 in

Newborn Stats at 1st Appointment (48 hours old):
Weight: 8 lb 2 oz (56%)
Length: 21.5 in (48%)
Head: 13 3/4 in (32%)
1 week later when she went in for a weight check she weighed 8 lb 11 oz.

1 Month Stats at Today’s Appointment:
Weight: 10 lb 9 oz (91%)
Length: 22.5 in (97%)
Head: 15 in (87%)

At least she is proportioned!! 🙂

I have noticed so many changes in the last few weeks. My baby is already growing so big, so fast! Next year she’ll be going to prom it seems. In the last week she’s started saying “ahhhhhhh” when she’s happy. She loves her changing table and when you change her diaper and clothes. That’s when I hear her say “ahhhhhh” the most. One of my favorite times with her is when she wakes up. She’s so sweet and happy to see me. She’s obviously not smiling on ques, yet, but I swear she would at this time if she could. You can see her smile with her eyes. Especially when you give her tons of kisses.

In the last few days Jamie has discovered that she has spit. She likes to make bubbles with it sometimes, and so now I find myself cleaning up a little drool here and there and on my shirt! She also recently figured out that I have hair and that she can grab it. Yes, this is not exactly one of my favorite of her new skills cause today, for instance, she clung to my hair for dear life when they tried to weigh her. I’m now finding clumps of my hair in all of her things.

She’s also now discovering her activity mat and things of that sort. I’m guessing this is because she can now see a little more clearly (and further) than she could at birth. She’ll lay on her play mat on both her tummy and her back for 20-30 minutes or so a day. She really enjoys the lights. Boo also really likes her activity mat. I caught him looking at himself in the mirror…
Speaking of Boo, both Boo and Lily have been really great with Jamie. If Jamie is in her chair and she starts crying, Lily comes right over to see what’s going on. I think Lily is trying to soothe her, but Jamie has yet to notice either one of the cats. She has touched Boo before but I don’t think she really cared about it. Lily especially loves Jamie’s room. She is completely mesmerized with all the baby things and is constantly trying to sniff of them or get into them. So, I’m always closing the nursery door because I have found Lily sleeping on the changing table a few times and I’m afraid I’ll find her in the crib one day! I’m very careful to not let Jamie touch anything with cat hair on it so I wash it right away if Lily gets into it. I don’t want Jamie getting any allergies to the cats!

Motherhood has been amazing so far. I’m just completely crazy in love with my daughter (and I know Matt is, too). She’s beautiful and I couldn’t have imagined life being any better with her. I am tired still, but I’m getting used to it. This week we’ve actually ventured out of the house a few times. In fact, today Jamie got her first bank account. My baby is a person now with her own social security number and bank account!! Crazy! I better go now and put locks on her windows so she can’t sneak out and meet boys in the middle of the night while we’re sleeping…

I have a feeling our lives are going to start whizzing by now.

***UPDATED to add (for my records) that Jamie is now out of newborn clothes and moved up to the 0-3 month as of Sunday at exactly 4 weeks old. Some of the 0-3 are still a little too long, but the newborn are definitely too short. She needs a newborn and a half size, if they would make them….Also, I forgot to tell you how strong she is. She’s been lifting her head and moving it back and forth since she was 24 hours old! Now she actually holds it up for a bit to kind of scream at me when she doesn’t want to be held a certain way. Did I mention that she’s what the Baby Whisperer refers to as a “spirited baby”??***
Adventures at Target and attack of the Spanx

Adventures at Target and attack of the Spanx

The other day, I had some “mommy time” and took myself to Target while Matt watched the baby sleep- cause apparently she slept the whole time and he didn’t have to do anything for her. Go figure….

My point here is that I decided that I would walk around Target aimlessly cause well, Target has everything and I figured I would eventually find something to do there.

I’m going to go on a whole other tangent and preface this by saying that women are mean creatures and that I truly, whole-heartedly believe that if there were no women in the world and it were just me and all the men that I would just be fat and happy.

Rewind to when I was in high school and college. I danced. Not the pole dancing kind, but the ballet pointe kind. In order to keep up my thigh muscles toned for this, I also worked out quite a bit (which by the way, apparently when you don’t keep this up and you had super strong muscular thighs at one time, they turn into fat later. Like big and fat, but that’s a whole other post). I would wear make-up and do my hair and wear my best work-out clothes/leotard/whatever tiny piece of spandex I could fit into at the time. I actually had two whole drawers devoted to just cute spandex- which was a big deal since we only had so many drawers in the sorority house. I did that so I could look better than the other dancers in my group. It was vain and materialistic, but for whatever reason it was important to me that I looked good while I sweat. (I was in my teens and early twenties. So, anyway…)

Fast forward to the present and I’m at Target again. I’m wandering around the baby aisle when I run into one of the girls I used to dance with in 1994. YAH! We’re both in the baby aisle and we each do a quick body scan over on the other. Gasp! Looks like we both just had a baby. Or, at least she did at some point and still has her mommy body. Was I relieved! I mean SUPER RELIEVED. Not cause she was a little on the mommy frumpy side, but because she was my arch-nemesis at the dance studio and I guess I still felt some sort of competition with her. I made a mental note to blow dry my hair next time I decide to wander through Target again. After some super awkward and yet kind-of friendly conversation with my old competition I went on with my shopping and threw random mommy essentials into my cart.

1) Weight Control Oatmeal (for the mommy-buttitis I’m still trying to fight off)
2) A Wine box (What?? Don’t tell me you never drank wine from a box. It’s two bottles in one!!)
3) Spanx (again, for the mommy-buttitis)
4) 3 cases of Coke Zero (guys, it was 3 for $12 and really I can’t afford to waste any calories on caffeine right now and I REALLY need caffeine. Also, I’m saving all my calories for the wine box)

When I got home, I ran straight to the bathroom to try on my Spanx. This was no easy feat, by the way. It sounded like two wild dogs fighting it out over a piece of bacon and Matt even commented by saying,

“What’s going on in there?”

“Nothing, Honey.” *smile*

Except, later when I looked down I realized my leg was bleeding!

I really hope I don’t have to pee much while wearing these things. I’m not sure I can get out of them.

PS- my baby is 1 month old, today! Updated stats and pics when we get back from the pediatrician tomorrow.

Blast from the Past!

Blast from the Past!

I’m going to take yet another lovely moment to be passive aggressive on this blog. This always gets me into big trouble. Not the passive aggressiveness part per say (although, it’s not necessarily my best trait), it’s the part where I choose to use my bad habit on this blog because I underestimate who reads this. But, what the hey…I’m going to go ahead and do it anyway…

Ok. Here goes. I got a FaceBook message from an ex-boyfriend from 10 years ago! Ha! He was an old college boyfriend. A relationship that did not end well. Actually, it ended really badly, but I honestly hadn’t thought about this person in several years. We all have heartbreak, and then we move on. Right??

So it’s kind of funny that just yesterday afternoon one of my favorite sorority sisters calls me and is upset because she caught word that her ex-fiance ran into a friend of hers and basically said that she was the “one that got away,” and that she “broke his heart.” From her perspective she was the heartbroken one, so she was pretty confused and was kind of over-thinking things. And so she says to me, “What if he calls me??” And I say, “DON’T PICK UP!!” I tell her that if my ex (the so-called one that messaged me yesterday, but I didn’t know this yet at that time) called me I wouldn’t pick up. I have nothing to say. I’m not angry at him. I don’t hate him. But, I don’t want to be his friend, either. That chapter in my life book is closed (and pad-locked).

Imagine my surprise then, when after about 9 or so years of not thinking or hearing from this ex, I get home and find this FB message from him. How ironic? And, a little creepy…

“I just wanted to say congratulations. I’m glad to see you found happiness.”

Uh. Ok. Thanks.

But really…kind of pretentious, don’t you think? Is he insinuating that I lost my happiness and now it’s found? Does he think I couldn’t be happy without him? Um, did he actually think I would forever be heartbroken and not move on?? It just didn’t seem like a sincere message to me. I mean, we haven’t spoken in years. I just didn’t get the sense he was truly happy for me.

So, I thought of all kinds of mean and funny responses to him:

“Hey! Good to hear from you! Thanks, and I’m glad to see you “found” happiness as well…again…with your second wife.”

or, I could just take the high road and reply with a simple:


Um, no! Even better:

“Oh, hey! I’ve actually been so happy that I totally forgot about you! Can you send me your address? I would like to send you a thank you note for walking out of my life 10 years ago. Hope you are doing well, too!”

Or, I could go for the balls and respond:

“Thank you for the well-wishes. It was difficult, but I did “find” happiness after you. Good thing, too! I cyber stalked your FB profile after you messaged me and my baby is totally way cuter than yours.”

Alright, alright! I’m know going too far!! In all honesty his baby is cute and I would never bring kids into this. Besides, I do sincerely hope he is happy and I have no bad feelings towards him any longer. I’m going to go ahead and not respond to his message, though. It doesn’t seem necessary to me- I have no need to open that door at this point in my life.

Just in case, though….excuse me while I go block him from FB….LOL!

IVF Creator wins Nobel Prize!

IVF Creator wins Nobel Prize!

I’m a little late in posting this, but I wanted to take a moment and acknowledge that one of the creators of IVF, Robert G. Edwards, won a Nobel prize for medicine!

This is amazing and exciting for my family when you consider I probably wouldn’t have my own family if it weren’t for geniuses like Dr. Edwards. I’m still in awe that I have a precious little girl because of the wonders of science.

I also am completely aware that the very first in vitro baby was born on July 25, 1978 which is, by the way, my birthday. But, I mean it really is my birth date because that is the day and year that I was born. Ironic, no??

And so, I just want to end with the note that miracles are possible- thanks to people like Dr. Edwards. My little miracle is snuggling with me right this moment. 🙂

Here’s a few of the highlights from this article regarding Dr. Edwards’ Nobel prize:

-In vitro fertilization, once controversial, is practically an everyday procedure today
-About 1 percent of infants born in U.S. are conceived through assisted reproduction
-High cost of in vitro is still prohibitive for many couples
-Next goal is to improve the success rate, reduce multiple births



Guess who finally got out of the house and enjoyed a couple of cocktails this weekend???

It’s me! It’s me! (and Matt) (and Jamie, but not the cocktail part).

On Saturday, we took Jamie out before the 6 week time frame to catch a look at Robert’s Christmas Store. It’s one of mine and Matt’s favorite places to go during the holiday’s, so decided to take little Jamie along for our holiday tradition.

Here’s Jamie on her way out the door for her Christmas Adventure. She’s clearly shocked that we went against the 6 week time frame to take her out in public! (Ok fine, she’s actually yawning!!)

For the cocktail part, we dropped Jamie off at Nana and Pawpaw’s so we could play darts and have a couple of drinks with my cousin Rosie and her boyfriend, Jay. It was the first time I had been out for drinks since last December! Rosie got me a celebratory shot that tasted like pez. And guess what? I had to sip it and then I drank water for the rest of the evening, ahem, 2 hours. How quickly things change when you become a mother!

Speaking of drinking before I became a mother, this brings me to drunkorexia. Matt read me this article online about a a trend amongst college students of swapping food calories for alcohol.

Ha! I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. Um, I’ve been “drunkorexic” since 1996. In fact, shhhhhh, but I’m pretty sure I saved all my calories for yesterday’s pez shot but don’t tell anyone. Yeah. As far as I’m concerned, every sorority girl alive is drunkorexic.

“Hi. My name is Suzanne and I’m drunkorexic.”

But, back to my baby. Isn’t this the sweetest little baby girl you’ve ever seen?