Minor Complications…but all is good!!!

Minor Complications…but all is good!!!

Complication #1– Tuesday I go for a regular routine appointment that turns into a hospital visit. I gained 6 pounds since my last appointment, my edema is worse, and my blood pressure sky rocketed to 150 over 80 something…

3 hours later they release me with orders to come back on Friday since my urine showed trace proteins in it.

PS- I did not go straight to the hospital. I think I lost it for a moment and decided to go home first to feed the cats, wash my hair and put away my laundry. No kidding..I must have short circuited.

Complication #2- Matt blows the power cord to my netbook and I can’t blog until the new one he orders comes in since he also used up my battery (got here today).

Complication #3- Start not feeling well on Friday morning while at work (headache, lightheadedness, shaky). Go to the clinic at school to get my bp taken and it’s at 144/91. Nurse makes me call the midwife and they send me straight to the hospital around 10:30 am. Get sent home with orders to take a 24 hr urine collection once they get my bp under control. Appointment to return on Saturday at 1pm for more monitoring and testing.

Complication #4- Go to the hospital today with my pee collection (Seriously, nasty walking around town with a big bottle of your own urine-Bleh). BP not crazy high, but still not good. Protein levels in pee are pre-eclampsic. They make me pee some more and take some blood before deciding to induce me.

Last meal given at 5:30 pm.

Cervadil (ouch) given at 6 pm.

Tiny Tow scheduled to arrive some time TOMORROW!!!!!

It’s not the water birth I imagined, but there is still a chance I can have a natural vaginal birth, so I’m praying I can make it through even with the nasty contractions the cervadil and petocin can cause. Tiny is fine by the way…even with the high BP she’s been floating around in bliss. They did an ultrasound and estimate her to be about 7 lb 11 oz. She is in prime head-down position, her lungs are fully developed, and she’s been practicing breathing with her diaphragm. In short- she is ready to come out!!

Expect a birth story and pics soon!

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