Today, we went to Pete & Shorty’s to watch the Florida vs. Tennessee game. Of course, Vols are Gator Bait, but I never really questioned that.

Anyhow, we didn’t just go there to watch the game, there was also a benefit going for Coach Mike June. He was my driver’s ed teacher back in high school. I also had two of his kids in the preschool and I currently have his oldest in my high school class right now. He passed away of Leukemia in 2005 and left behind 5 children. 5!! The second oldest son, although he is not in any of my classes, comes to have lunch in my classroom nearly every day. I think he just feels safe and secure in our room since we know his family so well.

Coach June was an interesting Driver’s Ed teacher. One of his favorite things to do was throw cones at the car to freak you out whenever you were making bad moves. One time, I tried to do a 3 point turn and actually ran over and dragged 3 cones. So, I’ll just let you imagine the amount of cones thrown at the car and the screaming that ensued there afterward…like, exaggerated numbers on how many pedestrians I’d have killed had I been on a real road. He was also known for making girls cry, but I never did cry. I thought he was funny.

I was proud when I got the certificate at the end of the school year for hitting the most cones. That’s quite an accomplishment, don’t you think?! I still run over curbs daily, but I’ve never had a car accident that was my fault. So, he taught me something, right?

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