No Baby yet, but more baby stuff!!

No Baby yet, but more baby stuff!!

Tuesday, they threw a baby shower for me at work. It was such a sweet gesture by my co-workers, and I was again overwhelmed by the generosity of people.

A few of my students helped set it up and one of them even made the most beautiful cake with a fondant ladybug on top! It was amazing and again, I feel so blessed and lucky to have the life and friends/co-workers/students/family that I have. Jamie is going to be part of a wonderful world, and I couldn’t be happier for her to get here and meet them.

No seriously, I couldn’t be happier for her to get here and meet them. My sciatica has got me in so much pain, I’ve actually felt sick most of this week. My severe edema (my midwife’s words) is making my fat little snausages burn. The acid reflux is well, you get the idea….

But, back to the baby shower. It was so wonderful, and a beautiful ending to a long school day! My generous co-workers got me even more beautiful gifts for Tiny. Many of them were things that were on my registry and I hadn’t received, yet. I now have a bumbo, an activity gym, a baby backpack (as Matt calls it- that one is his favorite), toys, burp cloths, bibs, a bottle sleeve (It’s like a coolie for a baby bottle), a cart cover, etc….

Check out the ladybug that was at the top of the cake. I’m going to freeze it and do something with it. I don’t know….maybe we can take it out on Tiny’s first birthday… (It’s missing antenna’s- they stayed on the cake.)
Here’s a little peak at some of the gifts my coworkers got me.

Also, I went to see my midwife after the shower and all is well. No difference as far as dilating goes. So, looks like Tiny isn’t making any appearances this week, although I guess you never really know that for sure. They tried to show me some stretches for my sciatica, but uh, well I can’t even cross my legs right now, so stretches are probably not going to happen. We’ll see, though…

This afternoon, I met up with the pediatrician. Tiny will be seeing Dr. Pantages, and I L.O.V.E. him! He happens to be the father of a girl I graduated from high school with. We were friends during that time, but I haven’t seen her since graduation. Also, he is the pediatrician of many of my friends’ children, so I’m happy he is accepting new patients. He’s a pretty well known pediatrician in this area. He is also a HUGE advocate of breast-feeding and has a lactation consultant on his staff. That’s really important to me.
In just one hour, it will be 12 more days until Tiny is scheduled to make her big debut!!

4 thoughts on “No Baby yet, but more baby stuff!!

  1. Ty goes to Pantages as well! We love them there. They are so much better than Ty's first pediatrician. I hope you are feeling better today. Hope to see you tonight!!


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