We’re ALMOST ready!

We’re ALMOST ready!

I’m supposed to write a confession post about the real Stinky McFat Gut and my passive aggressiveness, but I’m too tired to think that hard tonight.

Instead, I’ll boast about how I’m *almost* ready to have a baby….

Yesterday, my doula came over and we finally took our birth class. Even though I’ve taught parenting classes at the high school level and I know alot of textbook stuff about labor, I really needed to know the nitty gritty. Like the stuff you should ask questions about, and so on…So, now that that’s out of the way, I feel much better about labor.

Confession: I’m actually not nervous about a natural labor. Should I be?? Maybe. But, I’m actually more nervous about the breastfeeding thing than I am about the pain of labor.

Tonight, my mom and dad came over and helped us with some of the final touches to the nursery. I think it looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! It looks better than I imagined it would. I would post pictures, except I’m type “A” and there are two things I need to get done before I’ll consider the room finished, so I’m waiting until the last two tasks are done. Those are expected to be completed this weekend.

My lesson plans are completed with notes. My sub is lined up. All my leave paperwork is in. The preschool kids started today and I’ve been able to get some additional items done to help out Carol (the teacher I co-teach with) while I’m gone.

My hospital bag is downstairs and waiting with the baby bag and boppy. The car seat bases are installed in both mine and Matt’s cars. The car seat is downstairs and waiting with the bags.

I guess I’m pretty much ready to be a mom, now! I would like at least until after this weekend for a few small odd things at school and home to get finished up and then I’ll be counting the days until the due date.


Additional items that need to be completed to make everything perfect before Tiny gets here:

1) Complete IPDP for school
2) File papers in my tray at school
3) Make 2 freezer dinner meals, 1 freezer soup, and 2 freezer breakfasts’
4) Paint the nursery door and change the door knob
5) Buy additional valance for nursery
6) Hem and put up curtain panels in the living room

I see the midwife tomorrow, so I’ll update you with my status then! Does my baby ticker really say I have 16 days left before Tiny is due??? Weird! I remember back when I was upset it looked alien-like. Now, it has a full size baby in there!! Trust me, my bladder feels it. There’s definitely a big baby and a big baby head in my uterus.

One thought on “We’re ALMOST ready!

  1. Looking forward to your nursery pics! I'm sure it already looks amazing. However, from one type A (anal) person to another, I completely get not wanting to pust them yet.


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