Random Suzanne Craziness

Random Suzanne Craziness

I’ve had an interesting 24 hours.

Let’s start with last night’s dinner conversation. I mentioned in yesterday’s post that my parent’s came over to do some finishing touches to the nursery. Since it was Moe Monday, I went out and got us all some dinner while my parents were helping us. As we’re sitting around the dinner table, my mom asks,

“So, have your areola’s gotten bigger and darker, yet?”

No comment.

After dinner I worked on some laundry (I did laundry, yeah!). I washed Matt’s whites and while I was folding them I saw that one of his t-shirts had dramatically shrunken in length. Matt’s a good deal taller than I am (about 6 inches), so I thought that might be a good sleep shirt for me. Last night I put on some shorts to sleep in and thought that white t-shirt might be a good one. It felt so comfy, I loved it! I’m actually thinking, “Why haven’t I been wearing Matt’s shirts during the pregnancy to begin with??” Until, I get to the bathroom and see myself in the mirror that it. There is only one description of what I looked like:

Butch pregnant woman who looks ready to play some football, and then get milked like a cow afterwards.

No joke. I’m not even exagerating in the slightest here. I start cracking up at myself in the mirror and then I hear Matt say, “What’s so funny.”

Me: “Nothing, honey.”

Did I mention the preschoolers started school yesterday? Yes, that means my job as taken on a whole dimension- I can no longer sit and teach! Bleh! But, the kiddies are cuties and one of them in particular is a bit of a handful. Today is day 2 and he had to sit in the “thinking” chair already. Why, you ask? Well, because he ran around the room and then took his pants off in the middle of the preschool. Conversati0n went like this:

“Do you know why you’re in the thinking chair?”


“Did you take your pants off in school?”

“Yes! And, then I put my fingers in my butt!!”


Actually, the sigh was more like a gasp, because I swear to you in all my years teaching preschoolers I have never been told that. I made him wash his hands and then we had a deep conversation about why that’s not ok.

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