37 Week Belly Pics

37 Week Belly Pics

Another week down, less than 3 to go. I hope. I really hope I don’t go past my due date. For several reasons:

1) I’m miserable
2) My back REALLY hurts
3) My legs and feet are so swollen up I can barely bend down
4) Did I mention I’m miserable?
5) I sleep in a cocoon of pillows and I still can’t get comfortable
6) The crazy acid reflux I have is starting to get unbearable
7) I’m miserable
8) The constant peeing and pee feeling is starting to feel torturous
9) I get so out of breath these days I sometimes think I could be having a heart attack

There I said it! In my honest opinion, pregnancy is about 4-6 weeks too long. I can’t wait for this baby to get here. I am SO ready. Ok, well not mentally ready- I guess I still have lots to do, like take a birth class (scheduled with my Doula, tomorrow) and finish the nursery (scheduled with my mom tomorrow). But physically, I am READY!!

Despite my current complaints, I am thoroughly excited to be pregnant and be a mom in less than a month! So, let’s think happier thoughts, like what Tiny might look like.

There are many possibilities. Let’s see- on my side of the family we have:

1) My mom- a Latin Diva with olive skin, jet black hair and dark brown eyes. always tan.
2) My dad- German/Irish stock with what was once red hair and very light light blue eyes and super fair skin. Burns easily.

On Matt’s side:
1) His mom- very blonde with blue eyes of Swedish stock, I believe. Tans easily.
2) His dad- light hair with green eyes of Norwegian stock. Burns easily.

Then there is me and Matt.

1) Me- combo of my and dad. Naturally brown hair with red highlights (when not colored) and medium to light brown eyes. Fairer skinned. I initially burn and then tan days later.

2) Matt- lighter hair (tow-headed blonde as a child and teenager). Blue eyes. Tans very easily.

(one of my most favorite engagement pics of us)

Hard to say what she’s going to look like, isn’t it??

Since on my side this is the first grandchild, we have nothing to compare to. However, on Matt’s side Tiny will be the lucky number 7.

They are all gorgeous kids, so I’ll take any of the above as far as Tiny goes.

What do you think? I think the consensus over here is that Tiny will probably have lighter brown hair with blue eyes.

I guess we’ll see soon!!

One thought on “37 Week Belly Pics

  1. She'll be beautiful no matter what! Hang in there girl-it will totally be worth it in a few short days-eee so excited for you!


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