Tiny update

Tiny update

Well, I had my ultrasound today to find out that Tiny is NOT breech! She is head down and engaged, ready to go! I’m really happy about this, because this could really ruin my plans for a natural water birth. I’m not dilating or anything at this point, so all signs point to Tiny staying nice and snug at least for another week or so….but we all know how that goes. Famous last words. Tiny is measuring on the larger end of average, but nothing scary- 7.5 to 8 lb by birth time. That’s not as bad as I was imagining. The whole pregnancy I’ve been told the baby is big, so I started getting nervous about the whole natural birth thing with a ten pounder, but looks like I’m in the clear.

In the meantime, I felt sick yesterday when I actually typed out everything I hadn’t done over the three day weekend, so I put on my big girl panties and did some cleaning. My house is now completely vacuumed, mopped, and orderly. Laundry is in the process, pack-n-play is put together, and 1/3 of my thank you cards are complete. And no, I’m not “nesting.” It was pure torture, but I did it so I could stop feeling sorry for myself and the state of my house.

Anyway, back to my appointment today…I have to say I am a little disappointed in my friends who have been pregnant. Why is it none of you told me that the GBS test is partly rectal?? Cause uh, Matt came with me to see the final ultrasound and stuff and see the position of our baby-to-be when my midwife drops the bomb that she is doing the GBS test and that she is going to “swab” down there and then a little further in “there.”

Just before she does the deed she says, “You’re going to feel a little pinch..”


I’m not going to lie. It kind of ruined our happy little moment, if you know what I mean. I suppose things are going to be way worse for Matt when I actually go into labor, but there are some things best left private from your spouse. I would say any kind of rectal testing is one of those, don’t you agree??

5 thoughts on “Tiny update

  1. HAHA! Thanks for making me LOL. And now I know for the future, if we ever get there! I am on standby for the big event!! Call you soon! Love love love, Rosa


  2. Sorry. I thought the fact that I mentioned how much I hated it was enough to prepare you without giving you the full show, so to speak. Yea, it stinks. I also hate internals. They hurt. I do hypnobirthing through the actual exam and its not too bad, but afterwards I am sore for hours. Maybe that's just me. While we're on topics to prepare for, let me share with you the advice that Dave gives all first-time dads to be. When the baby's head is crowning but not out yet, Dave describes the baby as looking like its brain is on the outside of its head- like it has a birth defect. I guess it's all the pressure. He was more freaked out by that than anything else. Maybe Matt won't be seeing all that with a water birth though. In any case, consider him warned!


  3. I don't remember any sort of rectal test, and I assume I would remember that – right? I know I didn't have anything this time because we were scheduled c-section so I never took my pants off at all for them, but I don't remember anything rectal with my first either …


  4. hmm…the concensus with other people I've talked to is that some women get this and others don't. I'm not sure what the correlation is. All I know is that I got it and they told me it was for Group B Strep. If I have it, then I need to take anitbiotices before the baby is born because babies born vaginally could get it. I don't want that!Aja- I will let Matt know about the "brain" thing, but since he has a sensitive gag reflex, I'm guessing he con't be venturing "down there" throughout the labor. Not until the baby is completely out, anyway. LOL!


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