Walking Zombie

Walking Zombie

I’m a walking zombie. I think I’ve regressed back to the first trimester, because I’m exhausted and I feel nauseous alot these days. What’s the deal? I thought I was supposed to get a burst of energy or something and start nesting. When is this going to happen????

3 thoughts on “Walking Zombie

  1. Oh no, friend. Third trimester exhaustion is nearly as bad as first trimester exhaustion. Also, intead of nesting as a sign of impending labor, mine is a high spike in bitchiness. I get so nasty the last few weeks of my pregnancy, specifically right as I go into labor. Exhibit A: I yelled at Dave for eating a ham sandwich at the start of my labor with Holder. I also replied to a rude email from Dave's mom with a snarky email and yelled at my father all in the last two days. It's just my gift to them before baring their child/grandchild!


  2. Lovely. Just another naive moment of me believing what people tell me to find out it's all BS. I actually really thought that I would be feeling less tired. Ha! Well, we'll see what happens here in the next 4 weeks. Hopefully, I don't fall asleep in the middle of class with my students there….


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