Minor Complications…but all is good!!!

Minor Complications…but all is good!!!

Complication #1– Tuesday I go for a regular routine appointment that turns into a hospital visit. I gained 6 pounds since my last appointment, my edema is worse, and my blood pressure sky rocketed to 150 over 80 something…

3 hours later they release me with orders to come back on Friday since my urine showed trace proteins in it.

PS- I did not go straight to the hospital. I think I lost it for a moment and decided to go home first to feed the cats, wash my hair and put away my laundry. No kidding..I must have short circuited.

Complication #2- Matt blows the power cord to my netbook and I can’t blog until the new one he orders comes in since he also used up my battery (got here today).

Complication #3- Start not feeling well on Friday morning while at work (headache, lightheadedness, shaky). Go to the clinic at school to get my bp taken and it’s at 144/91. Nurse makes me call the midwife and they send me straight to the hospital around 10:30 am. Get sent home with orders to take a 24 hr urine collection once they get my bp under control. Appointment to return on Saturday at 1pm for more monitoring and testing.

Complication #4- Go to the hospital today with my pee collection (Seriously, nasty walking around town with a big bottle of your own urine-Bleh). BP not crazy high, but still not good. Protein levels in pee are pre-eclampsic. They make me pee some more and take some blood before deciding to induce me.

Last meal given at 5:30 pm.

Cervadil (ouch) given at 6 pm.

Tiny Tow scheduled to arrive some time TOMORROW!!!!!

It’s not the water birth I imagined, but there is still a chance I can have a natural vaginal birth, so I’m praying I can make it through even with the nasty contractions the cervadil and petocin can cause. Tiny is fine by the way…even with the high BP she’s been floating around in bliss. They did an ultrasound and estimate her to be about 7 lb 11 oz. She is in prime head-down position, her lungs are fully developed, and she’s been practicing breathing with her diaphragm. In short- she is ready to come out!!

Expect a birth story and pics soon!

The Third-Life Crisis by Aaron Karo

The Third-Life Crisis by Aaron Karo

I got this in an email from a friend of mine. I just have to post it though, cause I’m constantly talking to Matt about all kinds of Crisis’ from my old Sociology days at UF, Home of the Fighting Gators. It’s a long one, but its true (and hilarious) all the same!


by Aaron Karo

Issue #178 – “Third-Life Crisis” – September 20th, 2010

-The mid-life crisis is a well-known phenomenon – you turn fifty, buy a motorcycle, and realize you’re closer to death than you are to birth. The quarter-life crisis has been documented more recently – you graduate college, move back in with your parents, and realize you have no marketable skills. (This is also known as being a whiny bitch.) What gets much less exposure is the third-life crisis – when you hit your thirties, start getting invitations to your friends’ baby showers, and realize your job is slowly destroying your soul. In a way, the third-life crisis is most devastating because it occurs when you’re still young enough to do whatever the hell you want, but just old enough that people look down on you for it. After all, a lot is expected of the thirtysomething generation, but many of us seem content to just get really drunk and disappoint everyone.

-Your first few jobs after college don’t really mean shit – you’re trying to figure things out and are just happy to be getting a paycheck. The hard part is when you turn thirty and realize you still haven’t figured anything out yet – and that paycheck barely covers your newly acquired taste for expensive vodka. You know you’re having a third-life crisis when you’re debating between going back to grad school and going back to Popov.

-I think one of the reasons the third-life crisis is a relatively recent phenomenon is that celebrities are getting younger and younger these days. I mean, how old is that Justin Bieber character? Twelve? No wonder thirtysomethings everywhere are freaking out. When I was as young as some of these “celebs,” my parents wouldn’t even let me have a toy Power Wheels, let alone a real Lamborghini.

-Your thirties are when dating goes from a lighthearted, let’s-see-what-happens pastime to a full-fledged, all-consuming quest. The crisis here is that women can’t date guys my age because we’re flight risks who won’t commit, but if they date older men they could end up fathering children with a guy who’s already had two knee replacements. And just when single women start to believe all hope for meeting a normal guy is lost, they resort to dating web sites – which only confirm their suspicions.

-The third-life crisis is compounded by the fact that our parents’ generation did everything earlier than us. By the time my parents were thirty-one, they had given birth to me and purchased a house. How can I possibly compete with that? I’m thirty-one, rent a one-bedroom, and am terrified of purchasing a new iPod in case a cooler one comes out the next day.

-Ultimately, the third-life crisis may merely be a function of the massive amount of flux that naturally occurs at this age. I just did a quick mental inventory of my buddies and realized that one just had a kid, one is pregnant, and one is trying to be. Two others just got engaged and a third just got married. Two more just got out of five-year, live-in relationships. Another left a high-paying shitty job for a low-paying awesome one, and yet another is working on his second, completely unrelated graduate degree. I, on the other hand, have done exactly none of those things. Does that make me better off or worse? I guess only time will tell. But if your twenties are about finding yourself, then your thirties seem to be about undoing all those poor decisions you made along the way. Maybe that’s not a crisis, though. Maybe that’s just life. Or maybe I’ve just had too much Popov.

-As always, here are some random things I’ve been ruminating about lately…

-I’m such a cock tease at the ATM because I have two cards – one for my business and one for my personal account. Once I finish a transaction and take my card, I can sense the footsteps of the person behind me in line, followed by a sigh as I insert my second card and continue. Sorry, buddy. I didn’t mean to give you banking blue balls.

-I was hitting on a girl recently who told me how her job takes her around the world, and that she finds travel “exuberating.” As we continued talking, I discreetly tweeted that this wasted chick had just made up a word by combining “exuberant” and “exhilarating.” Only later when I Googled it did I realize it’s actually a real word. Now, granted, given the situation, I’m 100% positive that she stumbled upon it and did not use it on purpose, but nevertheless I feel humbled. I guess the world can learn a lot from slurring drunk chicks.

-I love watching hipsters move – their spindly, flannel-clad arms can barely lift a box.

-I’d rather you respond to none of my emails than one out of every five.

-How come the GPS navigation lady only interrupts during the best parts of the song?

-If you call it a “curriculum vitae” instead of a resume, don’t bother applying.

-Last month, I ran into an old friend in LA whom I hadn’t seen in a while. He informed me that not only had he just gotten engaged, but that he met his fiancee at one of my local stand-up shows. A few weeks before that, I got an email from one of my fans in Boston. At a show I did there last year, he got the phone number of the girl sitting behind him. They just moved in together. Quite frankly, I’m flattered so much “rumidating” is going on. Still, I’m a little concerned that no one is paying attention to me when I’m on stage.

-One of the best parts about writing this column has always been reading emails from my subscribers. Besides those that inform me I somehow played a role in two fans getting married (which, honestly, I’d rather not be responsible for), some of my favorite emails are from people who used to read this when it was merely a forward floating around the Internet in college, and recently discovered I’m still writing. In fact, this issue marks the thirteenth anniversary of Ruminations. Words cannot express how it feels to have received such an incredible amount of love and support from the RumiNATION over the years. So I’m just gonna go with “exuberating.”

-And, finally, sometimes it’s refreshing to get a little dose of your own medicine. A bunch of my buddies from back in New York – including my famously tongue-tied former roommate Brian – were in California last week for a wedding, and we went wine tasting. As I observed the guy at the vineyard prepare a glass for red wine that had previously held white wine by swishing some red around in it and then discarding it, I had an epiphany. “What if,” I said to Brian, “we invented some sort of liquid that could clean the glass without wasting all that wine? It could be huge!” “Karo, that already exists,” he replied, shaking his head smugly. “It’s called water.” Fuck me.

38 Week Belly and Nursery Pics!

38 Week Belly and Nursery Pics!

I made it to 38 weeks!! In just an hour and a half my ticker will put me into single digits until the due date. Even though I’m as big as a house, and I’m about 9 days away from due date, I still find myself in disbelief that I will be a mommy soon. The anticipation of being a mother is very surreal. I obviously can’t wait for her to get here. Yet, I can’t imagine her here at the same time. I wonder what it will be like to be a mom. I wonder if there will be a time she hates me. I can’t wait to feel her little arms around my neck and to hear her say “mommy” and “daddy.” This is such a special time- the anticipation of being a parent. I feel so lucky to finally be in this phase of my life, finally.
Oh, and the nursery is done! Here are the pics some of you have been waiting for…

I heart Monster Mash!

I heart Monster Mash!

Last night, I went to Target to pick up some snacks and get a couple of last minute baby items with the gift cards I received at the shower. As I’m walking to the check out counter, I find “Monster Mash” snack mix in the Halloween section.

I don’t know if it’s my pregnancy taste buds, but this is seriously the most amazing snack mix I’ve ever eaten in my life. Nothing has tasted better to me EVER, and so I ate some for dinner and breakfast today. No joke!

I don’t think I’m the only one who’s this crazy about the mix, because I found other people on the net talking about it. My dad also loved it. So, I put in my little plug, but I’ll also tell you what’s in it so you can make your own if you want.

Candy corn
Unsalted peanuts
Reeses pieces
Yogurt covered pretzel balls (you could probably substitute with yogurt covered raisins)

So, yummy! Matt’s threatening to take it away from me, but I know he’s kidding. Otherwise he’s going to find little prickly things in his underwear this week. (not kidding)



Today, we went to Pete & Shorty’s to watch the Florida vs. Tennessee game. Of course, Vols are Gator Bait, but I never really questioned that.

Anyhow, we didn’t just go there to watch the game, there was also a benefit going for Coach Mike June. He was my driver’s ed teacher back in high school. I also had two of his kids in the preschool and I currently have his oldest in my high school class right now. He passed away of Leukemia in 2005 and left behind 5 children. 5!! The second oldest son, although he is not in any of my classes, comes to have lunch in my classroom nearly every day. I think he just feels safe and secure in our room since we know his family so well.

Coach June was an interesting Driver’s Ed teacher. One of his favorite things to do was throw cones at the car to freak you out whenever you were making bad moves. One time, I tried to do a 3 point turn and actually ran over and dragged 3 cones. So, I’ll just let you imagine the amount of cones thrown at the car and the screaming that ensued there afterward…like, exaggerated numbers on how many pedestrians I’d have killed had I been on a real road. He was also known for making girls cry, but I never did cry. I thought he was funny.

I was proud when I got the certificate at the end of the school year for hitting the most cones. That’s quite an accomplishment, don’t you think?! I still run over curbs daily, but I’ve never had a car accident that was my fault. So, he taught me something, right?

What’s the deal with vaccines???

What’s the deal with vaccines???

Many of my friends have started spacing out their child’s vaccines. Can anyone tell me what the benefit is of doing this (besides the fear of autism)?

I haven’t been able to find any scientific research that says that this is the best method of giving vaccines to your children. On the other hand, I have found research that states there are benefits of giving your child the vaccines as scheduled- such as the fact that they will be better immune to specific illnesses quicker than if they are spaced apart.

Anyhow, I spoke to Dr. Pantages about this, and although he also couldn’t give me any scientific research in favor of spacing them out, he told me that he is more than willing to do this if I wish it. I just don’t know though….especially in light of the whooping cough comeback. Alot of my friends are doing this though, so I’m interested in the reasoning.

Also, I was talking to Rhiannon tonight about a couple of vaccines she didn’t give to Ty and I thought she had a really good point. Are there some vaccines that you wouldn’t give your child?

Inquiring minds need to know!!! 🙂