Funiest and/or scariest tattoo ever

Funiest and/or scariest tattoo ever

So, Matt and I went to our friend, Sarah’s, housewarming party tonight. She bought the cutest little house in St. Pete. There were all kinds of cocktails (I had a momtail, though) and goodies. It was good times, but the good times got better when Sarah told us about this guy she met on her cruise. He apparently was bald (almost) and had a huge tattoo of Jesse Ventura on the back of his head.

The best part, was that the little bit of hair he did have on his head he saved for his tattoo. Yes, the Jesse tattoo had “real” eyebrows and a “real” mustache made with his very own hair patches.

Don’t believe anyone would actually do this? Check him out (that’s Sarah’s horrified face next to it).

Eerily, it does kind of look like Jesse, don’t you think? Well, except for the big weird grin, and the crooked chin.

Sarah says that he told her he was single and her response was, “NO. Really??”

But, seriously…imagine this guy sleeping next to you in bed, he’s laying on his side, and you wake up to the hairy Jesse tattoo staring you in the face. CREEPY!

Also, how the hell does he maintain the eyebrows and mustache? I can only imagine there is one person in the world who loves him enough to do this for him (his mom), cause what hair dresser wants to waste their time trimming that? BLEH!!

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