35 Week Belly Pic

35 Week Belly Pic

Here I am with a laugh, cause well…It’s hard to believe I’m THIS big. But, I am. And, as you can imagine, my back hurts. ThankfulCheck Spellingly, my Brother-in-law (a chiropractor) adjusted me on Wednesday on his way to North Carolina. This is a good thing, cause I have a serious case of the 90 year old shuffle when I get up from bed or sitting for too long.

Otherwise, everything is going well. I’m just waiting for my final ultrasound in a week. We’ll get a better picture of whether or not Tiny is still being stubborn and sitting breech then.

My maternity pics are in the mail and I will post those as soon as get them!!!

PS- Can you believe I’ll be 9 months pregnant next week???

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