Stinky McFat Gut Update

Stinky McFat Gut Update

I think Stinky caught me giving him the “stink eye,” if you know what I mean. Let’s just say that he didn’t say a word to me today.

I would normally feel bad about this BUT, the pregnant me was actually relieved to not have to make nice with him today.

Anywho, I have better things to think about. Like how Stinky McFat Gut will be out in just 8 days. Let’s start a countdown sesame street style, shall we?? 😉

“I am The Count. Do you know why they call me The Count? Because I LOVE to count. Eight. Eight long days of tolerating Stinky McFat Gut without his shirt on. HAHAHAHAHAHA.”

2 thoughts on “Stinky McFat Gut Update

  1. How do you know Stinky McFat Gut will be out in eight days? Are you having a ceasarian?I'm sorry I'm not completely in the loop. But fill me in, I love all that is pregnancy and giving birth!


  2. LOL! Stinky McFat Gut is a houseguest that is moving out on Aug. 31. The baby is not Stinky…not yet anyway. Although, it is questionable whether or not I'm the McFat Gut. :0


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