Return of the Monkeys

Return of the Monkeys

The kids start school tomorrow.

Blanket statement.

I don’t think I need to go into any further detail. Except, that I had to take a 3 hour nap today in order to deal with today’s full day of work and there were no kids there. So, tomorrow will be interesting. Especially since I don’t feel ready. Can’t wait to see what weird dreams plague me tonight.

Instead, let’s talk about other interesting things…..LIKE, my new midwife and tonight’s dinner conversation.

Midwife first: This afternoon I met Cassandra, and I REALLY like her. I actually like her better than my last midwife, believe it or not. She was very thorough and paid very detailed attention to me and the baby. I like that. My last midwife and the OB both were not concerned at all with my swelling and gave me the standard, “that’s normal” most of the time. Cassandra took one look at my snausages and did a couple tests to make sure it was just water retention. And it is! Woo-hoo. I’m just one of the unlucky few who get it that bad….NICE. Also, Cassandra is EXTREMELY excited that I want to do a water birth. She was just gushing about it and it suddenly made me feel kind of nervous. I don’t want to let her down if I start begging for an epidural half way through….

Tiny is doing well with a heartbeat around 143. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find her heartbeat where it was supposed to be. Instead, they found it up top. This means she may have flipped back to breach, that little booger!! Next appointment (Sept. 7) will be my final ultrasound and we’ll see what’s going on then.

(side note: Yesterday, I caught a quick glimpse of my ankles!! My feet weren’t as swollen this weekend but today they blew up again while I was at school. It suddenly occurrs to me that I did nothing but sit on my mommy butt all weekend. So, that explains that. I need to do nothing more often. Done and done!)

Tonight’s Dinner conversation:

Matt: “Hmmm, dinner smells good! Is that my favorite pasta? Wait, what’s that other smell I smell?”

Me: “Yes Honeybunches, that’s your favorite pasta. And the other smell is your favorite cookies!”

Matt: “What do you mean my favorite cookies? Which cookies?”

Me: “You know…the refrigerated Pillsbury ones with the caramel inside.”

Matt: “Those aren’t my favorite cookies, those are your favorite cookies.”

Me: “No. Their yours. You ate them all last time.”

Matt: “No. You ate them all.”

Me: “Oh. Well, we’re having my favorite cookies tonight. Yeeessssssss!”

PS- yesterday’s lunch conversation may have included a reference to $1 million and a “poopsicle” and then gagging may have ensued thereafter.

PPS- I was not the gagger and I didn’t bring up the poopsicle. Just sayin.

2 thoughts on “Return of the Monkeys

  1. No not my kids! The only kid I have is the one in my belly…..I mean the kids I teach. So don't be jealous. The kids starting school means I have to go back to work!!! 😦


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