Stinky McFat Gut strikes again!

Stinky McFat Gut strikes again!

Someone said to me the other day that they started blogging because they wanted to “journal” their life. Me too. Except somehow I started also blogging about plain ridiculousness while I was at it. Seems about right….

Speaking of ridiculousness, Mr. Stinky McFat Gut struck again the other day by finishing off my favorite expensive organic ranch dressing and not saying anything about (or replacing) said dressing.

No one puts baby in a corner.

Oops. That’s Dirty Dancing. Take two:

No one eats baby’s favorite Ranch dressing.

Not to be funny, but I don’t sleep well these days, my shoes don’t fit, I’m sporting three chins and cankles, my back hurts perpetually, I have acid reflux so bad I sometimes feel like I’m throwing up, I have a serious case of mommy butt, blah, blah, blah…

I’m not complaining here. I’m fine with those things if it brings me a baby. But, my point here is that all I have now is my food. This includes ice cream, icees, Orange Fanta zero, those tiny blueberry loaves from heaven, and my organic ranch dressing.

All bars are off now!

Stinky McFat Gut may get a little pregnant woman mayhem if this happens one more time. He better watch his back or he may find some ranch dressing in his bed when he’s not looking.

PS-Right as I was about to hit the “publish post” button Matt asks me what we can go and do tonight for fun in “our state.” (our state= me being humongously pregnant and him with his cane). Since Bush Gardens was a disaster last weekend we came up with 1) a movie, 2) putt putt, 3) eat. LOL! I’m sorry, but that just cracks me up that those are the best options we could come up with. Somehow we went from fun dinks to 90 year old couple and the baby isn’t even here, yet.

3 thoughts on “Stinky McFat Gut strikes again!

  1. Great, I've got more to look forward to. Friday night I went to sleep at 9:30 and tonight, I read blogs while Josh watched football. Looking forward to having a baby in my belly and limiting my options even more-ha!


  2. Oh I vote for eat! Eating is always at the top of my list…and I don't even have cravings! I love hearing about you and your preggers state!


  3. Sarah- I know what you and Josh could be doing….and it involves getting a baby in your tummy. LOL!Sandra- I've never eaten so much in my life! I must have been starving in college. Be prepared to read about my new non-eating habits in a couple of months. 🙂


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