Snausage Snuggler

Snausage Snuggler

Check out who finds my pregnant swollen feet comfortable for sleeping on:
For the record, Lily has never found my feet comfortable enough to use as a pillow. In her defense though, my feet are huge and swollen and full of water. It must be feel like a water bed for cats. I’m actually jealous that she finds my feet this comfortable. What I would give to feel comfortable while sleeping these days…it would be like heaven. Or, if my feet actually felt comfortable on my body. That would be cool, too. Right now they burn, feel tight, and only fit in flip flops.

Here’s my snausage toes and wide floppers (and this is on a good day!). Notice the missing ankle:

I’m saving this pic for the baby book. I need all the bribery/threats I can get for later use when Tiny’s a teenager.

Like….”Do you know what I went through to have you!! Cat’s used my feet as pillows!”

3 thoughts on “Snausage Snuggler

  1. Nelly. I only feel comfortable posting because you can't disown me. I've been around too long. But oh my goodness… that cannot be comfortable. 😉 I love you girl. Can't wait until you bring me a baby to love on, play with and give back at the end of the day! XO Rosa


  2. Um yeah…I'm not so good at the elevation part. I keep forgetting. But, I do sit in the recliner. That counts, right??


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