No belly pics this week…

No belly pics this week…

I’m exhausted. SUPER exhausted. You know how the first day you wake up early, you run on adrenaline or something. and it’s not a big deal…. but, then by the second or third you’re dragging? That’s me. I’m seriously dragging. I’m also considering putting a futon in my classroom. Why not?? The math teacher next door did!!!

Anyhow, besides the part where I spent all day today trying to get my printer to connect to the new laptop they gave me, things have been pretty uneventful at school. Well, except for the part where Newsweek named my High School (Tarpon Springs High) one of America’s best High Schools. Booyah!! (ok, we’re ranked 1675, but we made the list!!!).

Let’s get to the point here, though. The title of the post is “No belly pics this week,” but I would like to clarify that it doesn’t mean I didn’t get any done. In fact, tonight I got professional maternity pics done! I figure those are better than any pics Matt or I could take so I’m waiting for those to post for my 34 weeks belly pic.

The photographer is LeShayne Maddex and she is the wife of a friend of mine from High School. She’s a very crafty person and has been trying her hand at photography for a while now. You can see some of her work on her site: Barefoot Summer Photography. She also happens to be an expert sewer and has her own etsy shop where she sells handmade children’s clothing and quilts. Make sure to check it out!! I will add her to my “Crafty People” section on the left side of my blog under Barefoot Summer Photography and Barefoot Summer Kids.

Also, LeShayne is running a special if you happen to live in the Tampa Bay area. From now until January 2011, she is charging only $75 for a sitting. This price includes the CD plus the copyright to the photos. That’s an AMAZING deal!!! Not to mention that this is the perfect opportunity for you to get some family pics done for cute Halloween or Christmas cards!! Make sure you tell her you heard about her from my blog.

Once she has the photos ready I will surely post. I can’t wait to see them…I’ll give you a hint: we did them at the beach!!

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