Damn, Bush Gardens!!!

Damn, Bush Gardens!!!

Matt and I went to Bush Gardens yesterday for the sole purpose of eating the family style fried chicken dinner in the Crown Colony building. Yah. Listen, I know most people go to theme parks to enjoy the park and ride rides and all that jazz, but Matt and I go for dinner. We have season passes, we live in the Tampa Bay area, and we can do that. So we do.

I would like you to imagine a large pregnant woman and her husband who is using a cane after hip surgery. Now imagine them going to Bush Gardens in the evening for dinner around 6:30 pm and trying to walk through the park to go to said dinner. Imagine that it’s like 97 degrees, but it feels like 107. Imagine that the husband using the cane can walk faster than his pregnant waddling wife. Imagine that they took many breaks and had to stop in the coffee place to get a bottle of water and some candy because they are both feeling light headed during their walk. Imagine they walk some more and than stop again because they both think they are dehydrated. So, they stop again for more water. Oh, wait, LOOK! There’s the Crown Colony!

Why is there tape along the elevator? Oh well, we’ll walk around to the front and go up the 1000 stairs. Let’s sit on this bench here and take a break before we walk up the stairs. Hmmm….there’s a lady holding a chain to the stairway. That’s funny. Oh, a sign. The sign says it closes at 7 pm. What time is it??

7:29 pm.


Did I mention that we walked less than 1/4 mile to the restaurant?

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