NOT NICE Confession

NOT NICE Confession

I’ve been referring to someone (in my mind) as “Stinky McFat Gut.” It’s not nice. Not at all…

And yet, it’s the best description for this person who is really grating on my nerves. For the record, it is no one who reads this blog. Secondly, there are *maybe* 3 or 4 of you who would even figure out who this person is, so I feel comfortable enough to confess my sin on this blog.

Which brings me to my point. Matt seems to think that since I’ve been pregnant I tend to have a laser beam annoyance for particular types of people. Is this possible? Is this going to go away with my water weight?

I hope so, because I feel guilty. And yet, it doesn’t stop me from thinking “Stinky McFat Gut” every time I see this person (which is multiple times daily), and then silently giggling in my brain.

Someone hit me with a nice stick before I accidentally let this little nickname slip!!!

3 thoughts on “NOT NICE Confession

  1. You're ashamed of referring to someone as Stinky McFat Gut in your head? I'd call one of my kids that out loud!…ok, maybe I wouldn't use the word McFat, but stinky for sure!


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