I’ve been watching the lost footage from “Bethenny Getting Married” while blogging and it got to the part where she’s eating like crazy. Seriously, it makes me want to puke.

How is it she’s a size O while pregnant and I look like I have tree trunks for legs with toes that look like snausages (as Matt so lovingly pointed out the other day)??

So unfair!!! I just hope everyone is right and all the swelling will go away immediately and then the breastfeeding/P90X/Belly Bandit trifecta pulls through and puts me back in my size 4 jeans!!

One thought on “Annoying…

  1. If it helps, I haven't fit into size 4 jeans since eighth grade. I doubt that will change after I give birth either. And neither of us can afford celebrity personal trainers, so I think we're just going to have to do this on our own, right?Plus, I feel strongly that some of these people cannot possibly be the size they say they are. It's like an episode of Maury (or something) that I saw where the giant woman on stage said she wore a size 14, and someone in the audience who was me-sized said there was no way, because that's the size I wear and I'm 100 lbs smaller.So I would just say don't worry about it until after Tiny comes out and then you can go back to your usual, tiny and adorable self. Right now you're still adorable, just a home-for-Tiny version of that adorable self 🙂


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