Baby Shower!

Baby Shower!

I got the Baby Shower pics!! So, here comes a mega post.

On Saturday, the 7th, my mother and sister threw me a lovely baby shower with 35 people (including my mom, my sister, and myself) in attendance. It was such a beautiful day, and I am forever grateful for the love and support of all my friends and family.

First, my mom picked out the cutest invitations!!
On the day of the Shower, they put the cutest sign out so everyone could see they were at the right house.
Rhiannon was one of the first guests and she came with the most beautiful diaper cake I’ve ever seen!!! She made it herself! (How am I ever going take this apart. Seriously! Too beautiful for words. It’ll have to be on a desperate night, I’m sure).

There was tons of food!! Including a chocolate fountain and mimosa’s! There was also my favorite kind of cake (Raspberry Elegance) made to carry on the animal theme. My best friend’s sister made me adorable cookie favors to give the guests.
After food, mingling, and a couple of games, (Guess the baby food flavor and Guess the poopy diaper- candy bars), we headed on over to the living room to open presents.

I will spare you the three hundred pictures my mom took of me opening presents except for these three…
Check out the robe monogrammed with Tiny’s initials!

My mom got a special Nana gift, too!

And, we can’t forget Tiny’s first Gator Gear!
I also have tons of pics with the guests, but I’ll post a few of the important ones.

Like- Me with my good friend Rhiannon (Diaper Cake Maker) and her Mom (Aka my doula).

Me with my teacher friends (Carol- the other teacher I co-teach with is to my left)

Me with family.

Me with Tegan and Emma (my best friend Hilary’s little girls). This is also what I would look like pregnant with two kids! Yikes!

Me with my mom and sister (The hostesses with the mostesses).

And the best pic of all…my sister getting all freaky with me.

Just so you can get an idea of how many clothes Tiny has- here are the clothes my uncle (alone) sent her. That’s not including what I already had, plus what my other friends and family gave. So, yeah….I suppose Tiny is a little Diva before she’s even born! Now you know why I need hair accessories….

And finally, a tiny peak at Tiny’s room with all of her gifts. Can you believe the generosity of all my friends and family? Most of those items are laying on top of large boxes including the travel system, swing, pack-n-play, and bouncy seat. Tiny and I are two very lucky girls with lots of loving family and friends. I can’t wait for her to meet everyone!

I have been so overwhelmed with all the gifts we received at the shower. I’ve spent all week washing and organizing everything. It really makes things pretty real now. I mean, check out my new living room furniture!

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