Boob Job in a Box

Boob Job in a Box

Today, while flipping through a magazine during Matt’s Physical Therapy, I found an ad for a Boob Job in a Box.

My first thought was, “Does it have a scalpel and silicon implants in there?”

My second thought was, “Good thing I’m pregnant,” I have big enough boobs right now to not even contemplate buying this (THANK GOD).

And then, my third thought (once I became rational) was, “Seriously. Boob Job in a Box? You’ve got to be kidding me!”

Ok, but this did not stop me from looking up the website once I got home. Hence this post and the incredulous curiosity I have that someone would even try and invent this. BIZARRE!!!!

But really, it gets even better… because this same lab also sells a Butt Lift in a Box, as well as a Tummy Tuck in a Box. Now we’re talking! I may check back later for a Tummy Tuck in a Box if the P90X doesn’t pan through after I give birth.

I’m just joking, people!!!!

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