Still recuperating…

Still recuperating…

On Saturday, my mom hosted a baby shower for me! It was my first shower ever and it was really nice. I was so overwhelmed by all the generosity of my friends and family, and by the turn out!

Tiny is on her way to getting ready to come into our lives, and now we have almost everything we need for when she does. It really is a weight off my shoulders now that I feel a little more prepared for her. Her room is starting to come along, and I’m hoping to have it 85% complete by the time school starts for me next week.

I do have shower pics (along with my 32 week belly pics) but they are on my mom’s camera. I promise to get them some time this week to post on the blog. It was a wonderful day, and I am so grateful to all my friends, my mom, my sister, my mother-in-law, and my sister-in-laws for making it extra special!!!

Also, my sister gave me a prenatal massage for my birthday that I cashed in this afternoon. It was AMAZING! What a wonderful experience. Thanks again, Elaine!! I really did love it.

Finally, a little update on Tiny’s progress… I went to the Doc’s today. Everything is progressing normally. Her heartbeat is still really strong (around 140) and my belly measurements are right on target. Dr. Marler felt around and feels pretty positive that Tiny is now head down. This is a good thing, cause for the longest time she was sitting breech. I can’t have a water birth if she’s breech. So I really needed her to move!! Next appointment is in two weeks, and I will be seeing the new midwife, Cassandra. And, in just 4 short weeks I get my final ultrasound before the big arrival. I know I’ve said this before, but I just can’t believe Matt and I are going to be parents. It is the best gift I’ve ever received and I can’t wait until she’s here!

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