It’s official, I’m selfish…

It’s official, I’m selfish…

I just finished off a pint of dairy free ice cream (made with coconut milk- yum!!). Ok, I didn’t eat the whole thing just now. I ate half yesterday, and half today- but still…

Anyway, my point here is that while I finish off my pint I decide that what I really want this weekend from the baby shower is P90X. I’m totally not kidding.

How awful is that!? My baby has nothing, and what I want is a weight loss tool for after the baby is born. I would actually put it on my registry if BRU sold it.

Bleh! Sickening! I’m so selfish!!!

2 thoughts on “It’s official, I’m selfish…

  1. oooh, that sounds good … I wonder how hard that would be to make?? One of my goals while on maternity leave is to perfect making ice cream, because I'm not that good at it. Plus, I'll need it while I potty train Spencer, which is my other leave goal.


  2. We were suppose to start the P90X on Monday, but Dave has yet to get the dvds from Todd. I will let you know how bad it is once we start.


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